10 Of Our Favorite Family Shows We Stream

We don't often take time to watch TV together as a family.  My boys have pretty varying tastes and it's rare that we can all agree on what to watch.  With that said we do try to watch one show together every few days and have found a bunch of fun shoes streaming on Netflix and Hulu.

1.  The Kids are All Right-- I started watching this show on Hulu and slowly, one by one, everyone else started watching it too.  Peg and Mike are devout Catholics raising their 8 boys in the 1970's.

2. The Goldberg's-- We began watching this show together long before we got rid of cable and we were thrilled to know that we could continue watching one of our favorite family TV families on Hulu.  Beverly Goldberg is a helicopter mom to the extreme (or a smother as she's often referred to on the show) raising three kids with the help of her husband Murry.

3.  Fresh Off the Boat-- Eddie Huang and his family move to Orlando, Florida so his father can open a Western Steakhouse.  The whole family has a bit of culture shock at first but they make it work. (also on Hulu)

4.  American Housewife-- Another show that I began watching first as members of the family started watching with me one by one we were thrilled when we saw all the seasons streaming on Hulu.  We mix it up between watching the current shows when they are available an watching the older seasons in order.  Katie and Greg Otto or middle class parents raising their three kids in a very wealthy Connecticut town; continually trying to keep their kids grounded in reality.

5.  America's Funniest Videos-- I love that a show I grew up watching is still on the air and just as appealing to my boys.  We laugh out loud each week at the antics of bumbling Americans and the funny things they've caught on camera.  (available on Hulu).

6.  Last Man Standing-- We were so upset when this show was canceled and so happy to hear it was not only being picked up by a new network but it would be available for streaming on Hulu.  Mike Baxter is an opinionated father of three girls; surrounded by women at home he is more than happy to help run an outdoor sporting goods store.

7amp; 8.  Full House and Fuller House-- When Netflix came out with the Fuller House reboot I just knew I had to give it a try since I had such fond memories of Full House.  While the trials and tribulations of the Tanner household can be a bit cheesy and cause a few eye rolls my boys just fell in love with the show and began watching the originals from the beginning.  (you can find Full House on Hulu and Fuller House on Netflix).

9.  Nailed It!-- My middle son began watching this series on Netflix and was laughing so hard and enjoying it so much he just had to share it with us. It is hilarious!  Amateur (and sometimes even clueless) bakers try to recreate masterful cakes in a short time frame and the results are often less than stellar.

10.  America's Got Talent: The Champions-- My husband and I began watching this show when the boys were quite young; it was often on past their bedtimes so they couldn't really enjoy it.  We have been watching it together the past few years and just finished working our way through the Champions show where many of the top 5 talents from previous shows competed to see who was the best.

Do you have any family favorite shows you think we should check out?  We're always looking for new suggestions!


  1. I loved Katy Nixon (from American Housewife) on Mike and Molly.
    We watch a lot of these shows too. :)

    1. We only saw a few episodes of Mike and Molly... but it was a cute show. I never realized that the mom on American Housewife was the Victoria!

  2. I'm always looking for good things to do together as a family. Thanks for the ideas. Visiting you from the good random fun link up. laurensparks.net

  3. I have wanted to watch the Full House series with my kids. We don't have Hulu though!

    1. Did you ever think to check and see if your library has them? Long before we got Netflix and Hulu we used to rent seasons of old shows like Home Improvement through our library. They had a lot of the old shows.

  4. I think my guys would love Nailed It, too!


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