Natural History Museum

We spent a sunny winter's day exploring the natural history museum at Roger William's Park.  We had been to the museum one other time but it was over 4 years ago and we were excited to see what might have changed.  We met a few of our friends there and spent most of the day learning together. 

Even the architecture of the building was beautiful. 

Once inside we read about ducks, butterflies, birds, and bees. We looked at fossils and minerals and learned about outer space. 

Evan was filling out one of the scavenger hunt sheets they have available for children to use and he learned about the heat that cities give off.

Alec and Evan both took turns matching the animal to the 8 small skulls on display-- and they both got them all right on the first try!

We learned about the magnetic cumberlandite rock that is only found in Cumberland, Rhode island.

We learned that some rocks glow under UV light.

We learned about the early inhabitants of Oceania.

Evan really wanted his photo taken with these spears 

There are stained glass displays and even ceiling murals in various parts of the museum.  There really is something to see everywhere you look.

After a few hours of exploring the museum we went out to our cars to have lunch and took a little walk around the building.  Then we settled in to watch a planetarium show about flight and a shorter show about the constellations. 


  1. There is just no better way to learn!
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Replies
    1. We are so lucky to live near so many of them!

  3. Thanks for sharing about this museum at Cooking and Crafting with J&J.

  4. Definitely something for everyone - and beautiful architecture! Thanks for linking up to Take Me Away!

    1. It is such a pretty building and a lot of fun to explore.


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