Friday Favorites-- First Official Week of Spring

Our calendar says spring but the weathermen are predicting possible snow later today.  I'm trying not to mind too much since we did get out of the house quite a bit this week.  We also finished up our science book for the year and are so close to putting away many of our other subjects too.  I can not believe how quickly we are flying through the work this year but I am loving it.

Here are some other things I am loving this week!

We explored the Hartford Science Museum on Friday and had a great time learning outside the home.

Alec made some Caramel Bailey's brownies on Saturday.  It's the first time he's ever tried making brownies from scratch and they were pretty darn good!

My husband and I went out on a dinner date on Saturday!  We checked out a new to us restaurant called Back Dog Bar and Grille.  It was delicious!!

Sunday we enjoyed a yummy corned beef dinner with Alec's brownies in honor of St. Patrick's day.  My mother in law was coming over and since we hadn't cleaned the house in a bit everyone pitched in.  We cleaned the WHOLE entire downstairs and even re-arranged the furniture in three different rooms.  I love when something old looks new again in a new home!

We played a rousing family game of Tellestrations and while I know it's not my husband's favorite game I just love how much it makes us all laugh.

The boys and I tackled lots of schoolwork on Monday and somehow managed to have our schoolwork and housework done before lunch.  After lunch we went hiking-- it took us twice as long to hike the trail we had picked because it was still so snowy and icy.  But we had some pretty amazing views!

I ran errands while Alec was at karate on Tuesday and my mother in law offered to bring him home afterwards so I got a bit of bonus time at home!  In the afternoon the younger boys made some homemade lava lamps as a fun science project.  They had so much fun playing around the colors and the effects.

Alec and I broke out our new Brusho pigments and tried playing around with them... we found it both fascinating and frustrating to try and get the pigment powders to work the way we wanted them to.  We honestly did not like anything we created... until I turned them into cards and now we can't wait to try playing around with them again.

It was so cute and then I added more pigment and ruined it!

The younger boys worked together to build a tower on Wednesday and it was so great seeing them working together.  It's always a shock nowadays to see my boys working with toys of any kind!

We also went for a walk in the warm sunshine and all three boys spent hours outside playing.

We finished our science book on Thursday and since we were done our schoolwork so early I helped Alec clean up his room... next thing I knew he had cleared out 4 bags of stuff, two toy shelves, all his Lego sets, extra books he no longer reads, etc.  It was great to see my pack rat wanting to clean up and clear off space-- yet I couldn't help think he's really a teenager now! No more toys...

We met up with some friends on ours at a park for an hour but it was so cold and windy that we just could not enjoy being outside longer than that.  I was so thankful to get a bit of fresh air though.

How was your week?


  1. What a great week. The brownies look so good. My kids don't play with toys much anymore either.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. They were really good! We only keep a small selection of toys around just in case younger nieces and nephews visit.

  2. Great week! The pigments look interesting, I'll have to look into those for Olivia. Are they similar to alcohol inks?

    1. They are powders that are activated by water; very unlike the alcohol inks we've used in the past.

  3. My kids used to love going to all those science type museums. It really was fun for everyone. I'll bet, they'd still have fun actually. I've wanting that game Tellustrations. It really looks like a lot of fun, but it's tough to get my family to play games with me. Have a great weekend.
    x, Julie |

    1. We play family games quite often; the hardest part is getting everyone to agree on one or two games.

  4. It's time for all that snow and ice to go away! Happy weekend!

    1. Well, seeing as it's snowing right now; I think we have just a bit longer before that happens.

  5. oh those brownies look so good!! And the science museum looks like a lot of fun!

  6. I bet those brownies were so good! What beautiful views from Monday. I bet that science museum was so much fun. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Looks like a great week. Yummy, those brownies look good :)

    Thanks for sharing last week with us at The Weekend Blog Hop #Weekendbloghop


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