Sentence a Day in January

This month has just flown right by!  We've had a weird mix of weather but have learned to drop everything and get outside whenever the weather is even remotely nice.  We've been hiking and letterboxing, we took an art class and tackled lots of schoolwork.  We celebrated a few birthdays and spent lots of time with family.

Here's how our month went.. one sentence at a time!

1.  To celebrate the New Year we had my mom, step- father and mother- in- law over for an impromptu dinner and game night; it was wonderful and Alec made us a really yummy orange creamsicle cake!

2.  We had to get out and take advantage of the nice warm(ish) weather so we went letterboxing at the Thompson dam.

3.  After tackling some schoolwork in the morning the boys and I set off for another 45 min hike in the afternoon.

4.  We hiked around Purgatory Chasm before stopping at the grocery store on our way home.

5.  We went to my mother's house to celebrate her birthday and had a fun afternoon with the family.

6.  I worked on some scrapbooking pages before my husband and I headed for a date to see Aquaman and have dinner together at Longhorn steakhouse.

7.  We hiked for nearly 2 hours and found 5 letterboxes.. even though it was quite chilly!

8.  It was such a drizzly rainy day that we all spent our afternoon playing video games, watching TV, and hanging out once Alec's karate class and the boys schoolwork was done.

9.  We focused heavily on getting through some schoolwork which the cat was happy to distract the boys from.

10.  We made cupcakes and frosting for Alec's party and the boys put together their cell models.

11.  We had a little party with a few friends for Alec's birthday; they decorated their own cupcakes.

12. I worked on this cute little Valentine's day craft project.

13.  I cleaned out the turtle tank and made these delicious Heath cookies.

14.  The boys and I also began watching the next disc in the Drive Thru History series and we enjoyed it so much we watched two full episodes before officially beginning our school day.

15. The boys finished schoolwork in record time today so I spent part of my afternoon walking around with Evan looking for a good shot for my 52 frames weekly assignment.

16.  After grocery shopping, running errands (like getting the car washed and bringing Evan to Gamestop to buy a new video game) I attempted to make some homemade Chinese food.

17.  Alec, Evan and I took a painting class with some of our homeschooling friends.

18.  Alec and I headed out for our mother/son birthday day of shopping; we ate lunch at Panera Bread and spent hours wandering around Barnes and Noble.

19.  I worked on my blog just about the whole day getting at least a full weeks worth of blog posts done.

20.  We woke to snow and freezing rain and settled in for another quiet day at home; we played Qubits, Explore the 50 states, and started a new family puzzle.

21. We had a full day of school on MLK Jr Day and even started another science experiment.

22.  My younger two boys and I have been enjoying working out with Just Walk; I love that they are getting me up and exercising each day!

23.  We completed so much schoolwork today since it's waaay to cold outside to leave the house.

24.  With the rain pouring down all day we stayed inside all day.

25. The sun was out so the boys and I headed to a local park to meet up with some friends and go for an hour like hike after lunch; it was so nice to get outside!

26.  I headed out for a morning of shopping (alone!) and managed to pick up some cute Valentine's day gifts which prompted me to start making my Valentine's cards.

27.  My husband surprised us with a day trip to the Boston Museum of Science!

28.  Our washing machine broke and we took it apart trying to figure out what was wrong; turns out it was the gear box (a $200+ fix!).

29.  My husband got out of work early and we went shopping for a new washing machine; too bad they can't deliver it for another 5 days!

30.  We woke to a frosted winter wonderland.

31.  I had planned to go grocery shopping and take a few loads of laundry to the laundry mat when I saw this and had second thoughts... do we really need to eat or have clean clothes?

How was your month?


  1. One of the bonuses of cold weather is that you get a lot of work done inside! Looks like you had some fun walks though when the weather was better.

    1. We have learned to get out whenever we can and we did have some pretty decent weather days mixed in.

  2. What a fun post!! You take some beautiful outdoor photos; I love seeing them. :)

  3. I love your scrapbooking pages! I really would love to get back to scrapbooking!

    1. I'm finding it hard to get back into mostly because I no longer think to make the time to do it but when I do finally sit down and scrapbook I am reminded about how much I enjoy it.

  4. That orange creamsicle cake looks INCREDIBLE!!!
    I love painting classes. I need to take another one!
    So fun doing science experiments with the kids - & you are my kinda gal using food as science examples :)

    1. I find that anytime I can use food to teach my boys they'll definitely pay attention!

  5. So much to comment on. Love the energy you bring to teaching your children. And the creative ways you do it. Had to look up letterboxing. Turns out it is something like geocaching, I think. Always thought that would be fun.

    Yay for scrapbooking. I am so far behind. But have decided to start doing the events and special occasions that mean the most to me but still way behind! Your pages look terrific.

    And so do your photos of the lovely places where you hike. Frosty but beautiful.

    So glad you are doing SaD with us!

    1. Yeah, letter boxing is a lot like geocaching but with rubber stamps. We'r just "discovered" it ourselves a year or so ago and really enjoy it.

  6. What a lovely and busy time. Oh wow, that orange cake and those cookies look delicious :)

    Thanks so much for sharing your post with us at The Wednesday Link Up. Have a great weekend and we hope to see you soon.


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