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It's the first Monday of the month and time for another Blended Blog Asks!  This month's theme is all about relationships.

1.  Who is your oldest friend/ how did you meet? I don't have a very large circle of friends but I'd have to say my oldest and dearest friend is my older sister.  She's always been there for me... even when we used to fight ALL THE TIME!  Since becoming adults and moms we have grown quite close.

2.  Tell us about your circle of support. Who are your people? I have a small circle of homeschooling moms that I meet up with fairly regularly and they've become my greatest support circle.  Sadly, I lost touch with almost all of my old friends when I began homeschooling.

3.  How did you meet your partner? We were in grade school together and always hung out with the same crowd of kids.  We began dating in high school and the rest as they say is history.

4.  How is Valentine's day celebrated in your home? I tend to cook a fun breakfast for the boys and we get them each a small little gift (usually a tiny box of chocolates) then I cook up a special meal for dinner.  We used to go out and have dinner for two but it was easiest to make it a family night once the boys came along.

5.  What is your Love language? I honestly had no idea what this was so I did a quick Google search and tried out a few love language quizzes... Physical Touch was my result and I'm not all that surprised.  I am a very touchy feely kind of person.

6.  Do you prefer receiving flowers or chocolates? Um.. BOTH!  I love flowers even though they don't always last long and I enjoy a good piece of chocolate (even if does tend to last a bit longer on the hips than I'd like).

7.  What is the most meaningful gift you have ever received or have given?
This is a tough one.. I could cop out and say my boys was the most meaningful gift I've ever given but I'm a pretty good gift giver.  Last year my mom and I flew to North Carolina to surprise my sister for her birthday!  I often make up photo calendars and gifts for all our family members and I gift scrapbooks at baby and wedding showers.  I love gifts that have meaning to the receiver and am always looking for ways to surprise our family and friends with deeply personal gifts.

Want to join in?  Here's this month's questions and graphic.


  1. What a meaningful gift!! I said both flowers and chocolate too lol

  2. You are lucky you have a sister! I think my love language used to be physical touch when I was younger, but now I'm not much into touch at all, funny!

    1. I'm lucky enough to have 2 sisters but my older sister and I are closer in age so we tend to have a bit more in common.

  3. I love that you and your hubs were high school sweethearts. My Momma and Daddy have been together since my Momma was 14 so I have always thought that was the sweetest thing!

  4. That is so amazing that you and your husband were high school sweethearts, and I love that your sister is one of your closest friends! Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday!

  5. ...each Valentine's Day I celebrate with my sweetie of 51 years in Maui.

    1. That sounds wonderful! I have never yet made it to Hawaii and have always wanted to go... but the super long day(s) of travel make me hesitant to plan it.

  6. Those high school throwbacks are awesome! Thanks for linking up with us!


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