Books the Boys Read in February

Alec picked out so many books for his birthday last month and has spent lots of time reading through them all this month.  The other two boys have been steadily working their way through their book series as well and we found a few books to read together too.

1.  Summoner book 1; The Novice-- Fletcher is a blacksmith apprentice and he finds out he can summon demons from other words.  He heads off with his demon to an academy where he will learn more about the art of summoning.

2.  Splintered-- Alec fully admitted that this was not his favorite book.  He picked it out as one of his birthday gifts but was disappointed that it was a weird parody on Alice in Wonderland with a headless Chesire Cat and other odd characters.  I don't even think he's finished reading it.  He set it aside and read some others he liked much better.

3.  Frostblood-- 17 year old Ruby is a Fireblood and is raised in a world ruled by Frostbloods.  When rebel Frostbloods ask her to help overthrow their leader she agrees to come out of hiding and train with them.  In training Ruby meets Arcus whom she finds completely irresistible but he only sees her as a weapon.

4.  Mediterranean Caper-- Ian has just a few chapters left in this Clive Cussler book and is really enjoying the series.

5.  Hidden Kingdom-- Evan is still working his way through this third book of the Wings of Fire series.

6.  Al Capone Does My Shirts-- We enjoyed the first book in the series so much that we went on to listen to book 2.  In book 2 Moose's sister is in a special school and Moose find himself owing a favor to the notorious Al Capone.

7.  The Hypnotists-- We just love Gordon Korman and this book was fabulous!  When Jax discovers he's been hypnotizing people he's relieved that all the unexplained weirdness in his life has an explanation. He begins learning how to harness his gift with the help of Dr. Mako but begins to wonder.... what is his gift going to be used for?

8.  Shadow and Bone-- Alina is a soldier and one day unleashes dormant magic that she did not know she possessed.  Alaina is then brought to train with the Grisha, a magical elite community where she meets Darkling.  Darkling believes Alina is the key to bringing back peace but the deeper Alina gets into the Grisha world the more she begins to see that all is not as it seems.



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