My Prime Purchases

I order just about everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) from Amazon.  I have been a Prime member for more years than I can remember and when I found this wonderful group of blogger link up each month listing some of their Prime Purchases I just knew I had to join in.

With Christmas last month and Alec's birthday coming up this month I have been buying a million and one things through Amazon!

For today's post I'll just a share a few favorites:

 After breaking my Pyrex mixing bowls I bought this replacement

My mother in law comments every single time she does the dishes at our house about our Chainmail Pot Scrubber so I finally bought her one.

BroilPro Cast Iron Cleaner XL 7x7 Premium Stainless Steel Chainmail Scrubber with Clean Cloth
I was looking for something for myself to dress up the sweater I had picked out for our Christmas parties and settled on this pretty scarf; I just LOVE it!

Cindy and Wendy Lightweight Soft Leaf Lace Fringes Scarf shawl for Women (TYH-GRAY)

Evan picked out this Star Wars Family Feud Game and we've had lots of fun playing it together.  Best part is since it's based on survey answers we all have a shot at winning even if we're not huge Star Wars fans like my husband.

Family Feud Star Wars Trivia Game

Alec has not taken these slippers off since opening them up Christmas Morning.  They are so soft and so warm.

ONCAI Men's Handmade Woolen Yarn Indoor Slipper Boots Sherpa Lined (US 12-13, Black-Grey)
We bought a Roku TV a year or so ago and loved it so much we bought this one for a different room in the house. 

We've bought a bunch of video games and books including two of my all time favorites: Overcooked 2 (which I just LOVE playing with Alec!) and a pre-order for The Southern Side of Paradise.

Overcooked! 2 - Xbox One

We've also bought practical things like socks, turtle food/filter replacements, and Frontline for our cat, but I figured you might not be as interested in those.

What sort of things do you buy on Amazon?  

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  1. I've never heard of a chain mail scrubber - cool! We have a roku tv on our patio and just love it. It's great to have everything built in. Thanks so much for linking up to Prime Purchases!

    1. Those scrubbers are awesome! They work wonders on my cast iron and ceramic pans.

  2. The chain mail scrubber sounds cool! I love that scarf too!

  3. I have never heard of that scrubber but I am going to have to check them out. You have so many great finds here!

    1. They are so neat! They work great and don't fall apart like other scrubbers.

  4. I order everything from Amazon, too! It is the absolute best! I love that scarf you got! So cute!

    1. It really is! I have even been known to order small things like rubber bands and scotch tape; so convenient to just have it show up at my door.

  5. I need that chainmail scrubber. And I just bough a Roku for my living room and kitchen!


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