Ornament Exchange Reveal

Back in November I signed up for an ornament exchange with a few of my favorite fellow bloggers; All Adrienne, A Little Bit of Emily and Coffee, Pancakes and Dreams.  I just love Christmas ornaments and exchanging gifts so I immediately signed up. 

We had a $10 spending limit and we were matched anonymously.  This was the first exchange where I participated in where who I set the ornament to was not who sent me an ornament.  I thought that was pretty neat!

My package arrived in the mail last week and I eagerly opened it to find an adorable pink camera ornament, some sweet snowman socks and a pretty card.  My gifter was nice enough to include a bit of information about herself and her family and I thought that was a great personal touch... kind of made me wish I had thought to do that with the package I sent out!

The ornament has little lines of glitter for that extra sparkle and I was touched that it was pink... I'm not usually a pink girly girl but in a house filled with boys sometimes it's nice to have something that I KNOW is mine!

With the rate I snap photos; this was just a perfect ornament for me.

I've already worn these comfy socks and just love them too!

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  1. A pink camera ornament! I LOVE IT!!!!!

  2. Those are the cutest socks and ornament. I love them!

  3. I like that the exchange had a different sender/receiver and also that it was anonymous. Kind of a different twist on the ornament exchange. Have a wonderful week!

  4. I love the idea of an ornament exchange. And what a cute ornament!


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