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Typically I spend the month of December reading about Christmas and family but I had a few more categories to finish up for my 52 book reading challenge that I decided to participate in this year so I spent my time alternating between the books I had to read and the books I really wanted to read.

1.  Please Look After Mom-  I really enjoyed this book.  It's set in Korea and the family is looking for their mother who has gone missing.  It's told from different points of view and I just loved the look into Korean daily life too.

2.  Galileo's Daughter: A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith, and Love-- I fully admit that I have not yet finished this book (and probably wont either).  I find it a rather dry book.  Galileo and his daughter wrote letter back and forth for most of her adult life.  She was living in a convent and sadly the letters he wrote in return were destroyed so the book is rather one sided with her letter to him.  Each letter is then followed by a lengthy chapter or two describing what was going on in Galileo's life and the outside world at the time.

3.  Merry and Bright-  I really enjoy Debbie Macomber's books and while this one was complete predictable from beginning to end it was a fun, easy, and light holiday read. Merry Knight is working as a temp trying to save money to get back to college and finish her degree.  Her mother and brother sign her up for an on-line dating service.  She reluctantly agreed to give it a try and finds herself falling in love with the virtual stranger.  They make a plan to meet and Merry is dismayed to discover she already knows him in real life.

4. To Kill a Mockingbird- I read this book in high school and rather enjoyed it (compared to the other books we were required to read).  I have been wanting to re-read it as an adult and see how the meaning behind the story changed as my point of view changed.  There was so much about the book I had not remembered at all and while I enjoyed the re-read I can not say it was a favorite. Jem and Scout come of age in this book where their father, a town lawyer, is defending a black man accused of raping a white man's daughter in the rural south at a time when prejudice was rampant.

5. An Island Christmas by Nancy Thayer-- another fun and light holiday read.  I just love Thayer's stories and once again thought I really needed to make it over to Nantucket and see all these places in real life.  Felicia is returning to Nantucket for Christmas and to wed her fiance Archie.  Her mother is not sure Archie is right for Felicia and hatches a plan to set her up with the neighbor next door.  The house is bursting at the seams with Felicia, Archie, her parents, her sister and her family, a new cat and finally Archie's mom.  It proves to be a Christmas none of them will ever forget.

An Island Christmas: A Novel by [Thayer, Nancy]

6.  The Christmas Bouquet by Sherryl Woods-- another fun and light holiday read.  When Caitlyn finds herself pregnant while still trying to finish her medical residency she's not sure marriage is the right option.  She loves the baby's father but is reluctant to give up her dream of becoming a doctor to some poor village in Africa.  It had been a while since I had a read a Chesapeake Shores novel and I loved having yet another peak at the O'Brian family.

The Christmas Bouquet: A Small-Town Christmas Romance (A Chesapeake Shores Novel Book 11) by [Woods, Sherryl]

7.  Candlelight Christmas by Susan Wiggs-- Another fun and light holiday novel.  When Logan decides to sell his business and buy a local ski resort he's determined to make it a success.  He asks his entire family to come to the mountain hoping to give his son the best Christmas ever before his son moves away to Japan with Logan's ex and her new husband.  He is not expecting to fall in love but finds himself increasingly intrigued by his sister's friend Darcy.  Darcy has only been divorced just over a year and is determined never to marry a man with kids ever again.  I bet you can guess how this one ended!

Candlelight Christmas (The Lakeshore Chronicles Book 10) by [Wiggs, Susan]
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  1. I loved reading lots of cozy Christmas books this month. I'll have to add these to my list for next year! Merry Christmas!

  2. Glad you got to read a few Christmas books this December! Merry Christmas!

  3. I appreciate your book review posts; keep them coming in the new year please. :)

    I would love to read, “Please Look After Mom” because my SIL is from Korea and if I can get a better glimpse into their world, through a fiction novel, I would enjoy it for sure.

    Ha! Just the title of your second book zoned me out. Not my type for sure.

    Adding Merry & Bright to my list too. I love Debbie and have already read a couple of her Christmas books this season… not this one though.

    Wasn’t “An Island Christmas” good????

    I just read my first Sherryl Woods book last week and only because she was included in one of Debbie Macomber’s books. I enjoyed it so will be reading more of her most definitely.

    1. I sure will! I LOVE Sherryl Woods books-- in particular I love her Magnolia Series books. Try Please Look After Mom, I think you'll really like it! Part of the story takes place in rural Korea and part in the city... it was a very interesting read and I really loved everyone's different perspective of "mom" and her role in their lives.

  4. I didn't read To Kill a Mockingbird until I was an adult. I really enjoyed it. We had a chance to visit Harper Lee's hometown this fall and enjoyed walking through the small Alabama town. Lots of memorabilia throughout! :)

    1. Oh, I bet that was really neat to see in person!

  5. Going to see if the library has some of these!

    1. I loved Please Look After Mom; it was like no other book I've ever read.


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