Friday Favorites-- Christmas Week

With no real schooling going on this week and the craziness of Christmas thrown in I thought this week, rather than writing up a typical wrap- up post, I'd just share a few of my favorite things about our week.

Ian, Alec and I finished up our puzzle!  It was the second 1,000 piece puzzle we worked on this month and while we had fun I am so glad to get my dining room table back.

Evan worked hard for two straight days putting together his new Lego set.  I love when I get to see him do something other than play video games.

Alec got so many new coloring books and a whole block of professional looking markers for Christmas and he's been coloring up a storm while listening to his book on CD in his room.

Watching my boy baking up a storm in the kitchen.  Alec offered to make a vanilla cake from scratch for use in our Christmas Trifle cake.  He also worked with my husband to bake up a batch of cookies so we'd have something to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve... not that anyone actually remembered to leave out cookies!  Oops!

Celebrating Christmas with our families and watching my boys with their cousins.  We have so many kids pretty close in age on all sides of our family and the boys get along great with everyone.

I made time this week to sit down and start on some scrapbooking pages.. most of these photos are about two years old and I've been telling myself to just do it already.  I am enjoying the process and have vowed to find a way to squeeze in a bit of crafting time each month.

How was your week?  Did you have fun?!

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  1. It looks like it was a beautiful Christmas week for all involved, and congrats on conquering that puzzle! I've always found I lack the patience to really do puzzles well :) happy nearly New Year!

    1. I'm honest enough to admit that my oldest son did most of it. I used to LOVE putting puzzles together but I found this one to be particularly tricky.

  2. I am impressed that you guys finished TWO 1,000 piece puzzles in a month! We still haven't finished one we started from last winter. Granted, the baby got into and took apart a bunch of what was put together so we just packed it away, but still. Great job!! So glad you had a beautiful Christmas week. Any special plans for NYE?

    1. I was pretty impressed too but the boys begged not to do any more puzzles like that for a little while. LOL. Our plans for NYE include take out, pajamas and a family movie. :)

  3. Those scrapbook pages turned out nicely. I used to scrapbook all the time but quite a couple years ago. Miss doing it but I wouldn't even know where to begin now. Looks like you had a nice Christmas.

    1. Thank you! I haven't scrapbooked in ages and I was missing it too.


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