Best and Worst of My Blog in 2018 by the Numbers

With the New Year right around the corner I always like to look back through my old blog posts from the year and see what was popular, what wasn't, and think about how I can grow the blog going forward.

Oftentimes I can see a pattern emerging but this year I am finding that it's pretty much all over the place!  I think, in part, this is due to the fact that I branched out more this year including more recipes, more crafts/ how to's, and just a wider variety of topics.

My Most Viewed Post Written in 2018

Crock pot lasagna Soup -- With more than double the page views this was by far my most viewed post of the year.

Most Commented On:

Dollar Store Craft Challenge-- Using Fake Flowers to Welcome Spring

My Most Viewed Page:

That is consistently my About Me page.  I have switched the format of my blog and didn't bother to have all the other page tabs showing to give my blog a more streamlined look.

The Most Popular Post:
Heading Back to Homeschooling After a Long Break.  I wrote this post in 2014 and am continually stunned by how much it out performs all my other posts! I'm thinking it's the beach dough recipe but I could be mistaken.  

Least Viewed:

Virtual Refrigerator- Etched Glass Crafts for Kids

I didn't bother with least commented since I have several posts that had zero comments!  

But I did notice a few trends overall looking back through the year's posts.

Our of all the series I did this year my Pinterest Challenge Posts were consistently some of my highest viewed posts!  (With my turkey cornbread pot pie as the highest of them all)  I will definitely be keeping up with them in the new year since my boys and I had a lot of fun with them too!

My lowest viewed posts each week tended to be my Virtual Refrigerator posts.  Even some that were posted very early in the year have less than 100 views.  (Like these sewing projects)

I can't help but notice none of these posts are really homeschooling related... I'm not sure if that's because I branched out more and have been writing a bit less about homeschooling but I have noticed a huge jump in my pageviews each day and I feel like I'm getting more interaction from my readers than ever so I do feel that overall what I am doing is working.

I do have some meatier homeschooling posts planned for the new year but definitely do not want to change much about I approached my blog this year as I saw lots of growth for Our Homeschooling Journey!

Do you have a favorite post or series that I wrote this year?

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  1. It's always interesting to see what scores the most views. I had a Cottage Pie recipe that must have gotten pinned or something because the views were in the thousands! Great idea for a post!

    1. It really is interesting; often the posts I think will to the best don't and then some random post I wasn't even sure I should bother with will get tons of views.

  2. Great post. It shows you what people are reading and what works for you. I know sometimes the no comment thing is hard to not take personally. But you keep doing YOU. You're doing great!

  3. Those cute little felt animals I adore so much. I cannot believe they were not a hit on Pinterest. Happy New Year, Kippi

    1. I know, right? I thought they were pretty darn cute too.

  4. I did some of this same kind of analysis for the first time with my blog this year, and was really surprised at the posts that got the most reads. It's so hard to know what will resonate with our readers. Thanks for persevering!

    1. It really can be hard to know so I just keep on writing what I think they might want to hear. LOL.

  5. I did something similar with my two blogs, but I didn't look at the least category. That is an interesting way to review the year. - Margy

    1. It can be a bit dis- heartening to look at those posts least viewed but I figure if I can see a pattern in them then I know that's something my readers don't really like.

  6. Oh my! That crockpot lasagna looks so good!

    1. It is so so good! I've made it with and without meat and either way it's a winner.


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