5 Reasons Why We LOVE Market Basket

We have quite a few different grocery stores to choose from all within a 45 minute or so drive and my favorite has got to be Market Basket.  This is not a sponsored post but as I was pulling up to the parking lot last week I realized that I really should share with you all why I like this chain of stores so much.  

1.  Their Low Low Prices-- I can approach the register with a heaping cart of groceries and know that I will be spending around $200 ($250 if I'm stocking up on meats). I know for some areas of the county this might seem like not such low prices but around here to feed my family 5 for a week right around $200 a week is pretty darn good- especially with lots of fruits and veggies.   Their prices are right on par with Aldi's but I get quadruple the selection... which brings me to number two reason.

2.  Their outrageous selection-- Along with their low, low prices when walking into Market Basket you are walking into a huge grocery store with a full deli, florist shop, bakery, etc.  There are multiple brands and sizes of each and every item and I have always been able to find whatever ingredient a recipe calls for.  I have often found wonderful gift ideas too!  Their Mother's Day floral arrangements were truly spectacular.

3.  Their customer service can not be beat!-- Seriously, this probably should have been listed as number one since it's a huge reason why I keep coming back week after week.  They are one chain store that still puts the customer first.  When I am shopping alone and my heaping carriage becomes two full carriages after bagging I always have a bagger offer to walk with me to the car and even unload the groceries!  There are NO self- checkout lines and I have never waited in line very long as they always open up new registers.  Each register has their own bagger and the lines move quickly too. I once had a bag of chips fall out of my carriage in the parking lot (and I managed to run it over).  I was by myself with just one cart of groceries and a working out collecting carriages saw, ran over, scooped up the chips said I'll meet you at your car and brought me a brand new bag of chips!  They are just amazing and so friendly!

4.  The store is always impeccably neat-- I tend to shop early in the morning since this store is a real gem and attracts a large crowd of shoppers so I do often see workers putting out fresh products but they all strive to keep the store clean, bright, neat and orderly.

5.  They are a company that cares.  Market Basket is a chain of 79 stores that are spread throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine and they are run unlike any other company around (that I know about).  They offer profit sharing to their employees and pride themselves on maintaining that feeling of being a family run store.  They do not use loyalty cards or gimmicks for their sales, and have a helpful webpage where they even keep a list of any and all food recalls for easy reference.  They are one company that definitely puts the customer first. 

I do not love grocery shopping but having a wonderful store like this near us sure does help!

Do you have a favorite store or chain of stores?

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