Exploring the Interactive Exhibit at the Cameron Art Museum

Our first full day in North Carolina there was a tropical storm watch/ warning.  We hadn't made any plans prior to our trip since our visit was a surprise and after a few false starts we found ourselves at the Cameron Art Museum.  

They were between exhibits but had a fun interactive exhibit set up in the lab that we were encouraged to try out.  It was THE BEST time I have ever had at an art museum!!

This sculpture greeted us as we walked in the door. 

This sculpture is made of cardboard!  We could not get over the details...   
Once we entered the interactive lab we were told to pick a coloring page-- we could choose between fish, octopus, sea turtles, seahorses, etc.  

I chose a sea horse.  We then sat down to color them however we wanted...  anything within the black outline would get uploaded and become part of the full mural. 

My completed seahorse 
Once the coloring is finished the images are scanned and you watch them drop into the wall mural... like this!

Then they join all the other fish swimming and moving around in the tank.  There are bags of "food" that fall and you can simulate feeding the fish and causing a frenzy when you touch them with your hand.

There is relaxing music playing and the fish; though paper thin move and twist and take on a whole life of their own.

My mother also decorated a seahorse, my sister chose a sea turtle and my aunt colored in a clown fish.  It was so cute to see some of the animals that the local school children had done; we had sharks with top hats and octopuses with huge smiling faces.

We were ready to move onto the next interactive mural and I must admit; it was hard to choose a favorite.

At first, the wall doesn't look like anything special.  There is a velvet mural with small Japanese characters falling but as you touch the characters the mural comes to life and tells a whole story!

As you continue to touch the characters the story alters and transforms.

The images never stop falling and it is simply amazing to watch the transformation.  We all took turns standing back to watch the change and to activate the images too.  

The third and final portion of the exhibit was this 12 panel display.  There was a creation story that went along with the murals and you are meant to read and watch just three panels at a time until the boards all turn yellow and reset.

The graphics were incredible and the panels never stopped changing so there was always something new to see and discover.

It was a perfect way to spend a rainy morning having fun.

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  1. What a lovely place to visit. Love the under sea feature :)

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays. Hope you can join us today.

    1. It really was so neat to see all these paper fish acting like read fish and the music was so relaxing.

  2. I guess if you have to deal with a tropical storm, this is a great place to hide out! Thanks for joining us at Take Me Away this month!


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