Checking out a few of North Carolina's Beaches

Last Friday my mom and I woke to a beautiful sunny sky and much cooler temperatures as the tropical storm from hurricane Michael had moved further up the coast.

We decided to walk from our hotel to Carolina beach and enjoyed a relaxing walk on the beach.  The water was nice and warm and since it was October the beach was not very crowded.

We could see some evidence of hurricane Florence but I honestly thought the area looked better than I had anticipated.  It was remarkable to see how quickly the entire area was picking itself back up from the storm and all the damage it did.

 My aunt and sister suggesting spending a few hours at Wrightsville Beach and my mom and I thought that sounded like a great way to pass the time on our last day of our surprise visit.

 We could definitely see where the storm had washed away most of the sand and left just hard packed older sand in it's place.

My nephew is just about always up for a swim in the ocean and the water was so warm that he had fun swimming around, boogie boarding, and diving into the waves.

We spotted a whole slew of sailboats off the end of the pier and wondered if there was a race or something going on.

It was fun; my mom and her sister spending lots of time with me and my sister.
We decided to talk another walk on the beach and we could clearly see where the dunes had been washed away.  It looked like someone took a knife and just sliced them right off.

We found this hotel had strings galore holding what we can only assume are tarps in place on the roof.

My sister found a shark's tooth!

And while most of the shells were broken to bits I did find a few interesting treasures to take home too.  

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  1. Wow! You all really had the beach to yourselves. What a lovely time.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. We really did! There was one other family that we could see and that was it.

  2. How fun! We live on an NC beach, but its North of those beaches, we are near Nags Head. LOVE the NC beaches though! Glad you guys had a good time! :)

    1. I've been wanting to visit Norther North Carolina as we have always vacationed in the Wilmington area when we go.

  3. Those two beaches are our go to beaches as we live only about 30 minutes away near Wilmington. I haven't gotten to the beach since Florence passed through and had been wondering how they held up. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I can see that the beaches do not look too bad.

    1. Yeah we were pleasantly surprised too. They did seem to hold up pretty well.

  4. What a gorgeous beach to relax on!


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