Weekly Wrap- Up: The Week We Went to the Newport Car Museum

Despite having had 4 days of rain we managed to have a very fun week.  We did take advantage of any nice weather the moment it appeared knowing it might not last.  I know my highlight of the week was our day trip to Newport and other areas all around Rhode Island.

We headed out nice and early in the morning on Friday to meet up with our hiking group.  We hiked for almost 2 hours and while it was still a bit warm and muggy it felt pretty good to get out of the house and get moving.  We spied all kinds of mushrooms, some frogs, and even a monarch butterfly.  After hiking the boys had showers while I prepared lunch and then we spent our afternoon in the air conditioning playing Uno and Tellestrations.

Believe it or not this ball looking thing is actually a mushroom 

A painted lady butterfly; I could not get a picture of the Monarch 
I just thought the pattern of the bark on this tree was remarkable. 

We woke to pouring rain on Saturday and the news that our HUGE family portrait was cancelled.  After trying like mad to reschedule or find a way to get the photo taken indoors somewhere we finally gave up and decided to load the boys into the car and head to the Newport Car Museum.  We also stopped by a small aquarium and went to see a lighthouse that my husband had worked on 8 years ago (you can read about the Sakonnet lighthouse here-- When they talk about the 3 men thrown into the water in July 2010; yeah my husband was part of that trip but thankfully manged not to be one of the 3 in the water that day!).  We stopped for dinner at this amazing little restaurant called the Sakonnet River Grille and enjoyed some very tasty food at really reasonable prices.

Can you see the lighthouse out in the ocean?

Zoomed in on just the lighthouse 

Ian headed off Sunday morning to work on his mini screening plant with his dad while Alec and I enjoyed a lazy rainy morning around the house.  Evan had slept over a friend's house and it was just Alec and I home.  After lunch I went to the woodworking shop to help my husband work on the cabinets for our basement.  We got all the wood cut for the lower cabinet panels and then picked up pizza and french fries for dinner.

The very beginning of this screening plant; he had to bend and weld the metal together.

No one was all that surprised to wake to cloudy, rainy weather again on Monday and we looked for things to do around the house to keep busy after running a few errands.  We got a bit of schoolwork done, Evan and I made mint chocolate chip ice cream and Alec and I made some peach preserves.  The boys all played a rousing game of Life in the afternoon and before I knew it dinnertime was upon us!  I love days like that where the time just flies right by.

Alec and Evan unknowingly wore the same t-shirt and I tried so hard to snap a picture of them together.. which is often easier said than done!  Though it was quite comical to watch them.

Alec had karate on Tuesday and I was hoping to get in my walk while he was in class but it was once again raining off and on and so I decided to run a few errands instead.  After class we went home and the boys enjoyed a quiet day around the house.  We got a bit of schoolwork done and they played Tellestrations again.  Evan and I went for a nice long walk to a nearby park after the sun came out in the afternoon and boy was it HOT!

We finally had a sunny day on Wednesday so the boys and I made up a solar oven using a pizza box and we made some yummy s'mores.  After a bit of schoolwork the boys and I headed out to pick blueberries across the lake.  Alec, Ian, and I went in the kayaks while Evan swam... sadly there were no blueberries left to pick.  Evan asked if we could take a bike ride to the nearby park we walked to yesterday and Alec decided to come along.  We hadn't been biking in a long time and I could not believe how tired I was by the time we got back home; thankfully all I had left to do was cook up some spaghetti to go with the meatballs I had simmering in the crock-pot.

I was up and at the grocery store early on Thursday since my sister and nephews were coming over to swim and we really needed food.  The boys helped carry in groceries, made their own breakfasts, helped me prepare salads and fruit, did the dishes, all of their schoolwork and got completely ready for the day.  It was so nice to have all the extra help!  We had a fun afternoon with my sister and nephews and then I got ready to head out for a ladies only dinner.  A few of us homeschooling moms thought it would be a fun way to plan our fall school year.

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  1. What a fantastic week. The pizza box oven looks great. I have never done that with the kids.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. For some reason I kept putting that project off; it intimidated me but it was really quite simple.

  2. Sounds like you all had a fun and busy week. My boys would love to visit the car museum.


    1. It was a fun and busy week. That car museum was great and I'm not one to care much about cars.

  3. Solar S’mores so cool! My boys would go crazy for the bright green Ferrari. Happy weekend!

    1. Surprisingly none of my boys care at all about Ferraris! My oldest son was much more into the old muscle cars.

  4. So much fun and you.come with th some creative ideas.i would never think of doing X #fabfridaypost

    1. Thank you! I am always scouting out Pinterest and other blogs for ideas.

  5. Another great week and so many wonderful photos! Thanks for linking up - I always enjoy your posts and seeing the fun things your family does together.

  6. What a great week. The cars look amazing :) Thanks for sharing at The Wednesday Blog Hop.

    1. They had so many really expensive cars; it was an impressive collection.

  7. Wow, what a week, and a solar oven s'mores extravangza too! Where do I sign up?
    Love this! #fabfridaypost xo

    1. It was so fun and so easy! I honestly thought it was going to be a lot of work to put together and to get it to work but thankfully it wasn't.


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