Weekly Wrap- Up: The Week We Went Swimming Every Day

After a week or more of cool fall-like temperatures we've had another heat wave.  I felt so bad for all those poor kids heading back to school with temperatures in the upper 80's low 90's!  My boys and I kept cool in the lake and ended up swimming every single day this week.

Ian headed off to work while the younger boys and I went to the lake on Friday to meet up with my two sisters, their kids, and my mom.  We had a nice day at the lake (even if Alec did get stung by a wasp and I forgot my fork and went without lunch!).  We had a very long commute home though since there was a large accident and the highway was shut down shuttling everyone off a single exit... then we hit all sorts of road construction the rest of the way home.  We opted for take out for dinner since I refused to cook or move the rest of the night.

Saturday I was up nice and early getting ready for Evan's party and Ian headed off to work with his grandfather.  The younger two boys worked together to clean the floors in the house while  my husband cleaned off the patio and our basement bathroom.  We rearranged some patio furniture and decorated outside; wrapping the poles in streamers, hanging up a banner and some signs, blowing up balloons, etc.  Alec frosted the cupcakes and I quickly drew some frosting lines on powdered donuts to make some yummy life preservers.  We had perfect weather and everyone had a really wonderful time at the party; especially the birthday boy!

Ian and my husband headed off early Sunday morning to go clear off some land and I decided to go shopping on my own.  We had a few birthday parties coming up that I needed to buy gifts for and lots of crafting projects planned that I needed supplies for.  While out, I called my husband to ask him a question about something he wanted me to pick up and I learned that Ian was using the little chainsaw for the first time... after reminding my husband that he's not supposed to tell me those sort of things until AFTER I tried to put it out of my head.  Ian did a great job and they got so many trees cut down and cut up (only my husband felled trees; Ian just de-limbed them).  Once home I worked on decorating the clothes I picked up for our friends' parties and then went to watch the younger boys swim in the lake.

After a quick bit of schoolwork on Monday morning the boys and I packed up and headed out to do even more shopping.  We stopped at Hobby Lobby, Christmas Tree Shops, and Target before stopping at Panera bread for some lunch.  Once home Ian headed to work on digging out the tree stumps with the excavator while I watched the younger two boys swim in the lake.  I began painting my giant board for a fun fall/winter craft project, decorated the last t-shirt for the party later in the week, and then worked on my blog for a bit.

Evan had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday morning and my mother in law offered to take Alec to karate.  Once home the boys and I were planning on doing a neat fired alcohol ink art project but we noticed our propane tank was leaking propane when we went outside and figured that was not the best time to play around with fire.  Ian headed out to go clear some more stumps while the younger boys and I set up a crystal garden.  I worked on making a fall themed wreath for the front door and then the boys asked to go swimming so I sat outside watching them swim; thankfully the tank was no longer leaking and we couldn't smell anything either.

Ian headed off to work with his grandfather early on Wednesday morning.  The younger two boys and I worked on some schoolwork then worked together to clean the whole car.  We took it to the car wash and stopped by the library on our way home.  We finally managed to get our fired alcohol ink art project completed and the boys had so much fun with it.

After grocery shopping on Thursday the boys and I tackled a bit of school work and then Ian and I cleaned his turtle tank again. It's so hard to tell if the treatment is working on the turtle's shell or not but he does seem happier.  After lunch the younger two boys and I headed out to a birthday party for two of the girls in our homeschool group. It was hosted at a local park and the boys had fun swimming with their friends.

How was your week?

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  1. What a busy week! I love the shirts you designed!

  2. I love all the crafting you did this week! The shirts are so nice.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Looks like a great week. I love to go swimming. Reminds me to start going again. Yummy, those cakes look delicious.Thanks for sharing at Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop last week. Have a lovely weekend.

    1. I often forget just how much I enjoy swimming too.


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