Weekly Wrap- Up: The Week We Tried Pour Painting!

We had a great week and I was able to cross a few things off our summer bucket list!  The boys and I had lots of fun exploring a local zoo, trying a new art technique, and even just hanging around at home.

Friday the boys and I decided to ignore the housework and schoolwork and head out for a fun day at the zoo.  We were just so happy to see the sun again we didn't mind that it was hot!  We had bought passes for 1/2 price over the winter and decided to splurge by not packing any lunches either.  We had lunch/ ice cream at the zoo, went on the sky ride (twice), rode the train, and the younger two boys even tried out the new zipline.  They said the views from the top were amazing!  We saw so many adorable baby animals everywhere.  It was a lot of fun.

Ian headed off to work on Saturday with his grandfather while the younger boys and I got ready to go to a birthday party in the afternoon.  We packed up our bathing suits, towels, sunscreen and gifts and the whole family headed out to enjoy an afternoon at the lake celebrating my niece and nephew's birthday.  We had a great time and look at the amazing cake (just one of the ones my talented sister made!).

My nephew had a Batman themed cake; the top layer was red/ blue and the bottom layers were yellow and black.  Then my niece had a rainbow cake for My Little Pony and rainbow cupcakes too.  

You know my sister was hard at work baking a LOT of cakes in all these rainbow colors. 

Ian headed off with his grandfather on Sunday to go fishing and my husband needed help at the saw mill to cut up some lumber.  The younger boys and I went along to help and against my better judgement I learned how to run the sawmill and even drive the tractor.  The boys worked on de- barking the logs, stacking the piles we cut, and clearing away the sawdust.  We finished up by lunchtime and after lunch took all three boys on a hike through the woods to my husband's aunt's house.  I was wiped out by dinner!

Monday morning we headed to the library and then headed to the local mall to pick out some new clothes for Alec to wear for our huge family portrait we have planned this month.  While there we just HAD to stop in at the Cheesecake Factory for national cheesecake month.  We had a delicious meal and took some cheesecake home for snack later in the afternoon.  Once home the boys went swimming, jet skiing, and helped me water the yard; our new seed is starting to grow in nice and fuzzy.

While Alec was at karate on Tuesday morning I ran around to a few stores looking for some new clothes for our family photos as well as picking up enough groceries to get us through a few days.  After putting away the groceries and eating lunch, the boys all finished up their schoolwork and we spent the afternoon outside.  The boys swam in the lake while I read my book and relaxed.  Alec and Evan eventually got out of the lake and played all around the house looking for caterpillars, bugs, and beetles.

Ian headed off to work with my husband on Wednesday morning and the younger boys and I spent a quiet day at home.  They got a bit of schoolwork done, we made some more ranch Chex mix, and stopped by the library to pick up a new book on Cd for Alec.  The boys went swimming in the lake for a bit and I began weeding the garden closest to the lake.  I only managed to get half of the garden done before it began raining.  The boys kept right on swimming.

Thursday, Ian headed off to work once again and the younger boys and I tackled a new art project. I have been wanting to try some pour painting techniques for quite some time but keep talking myself out of it. For some reason I found the idea quite intimidating but finally decided we just needed to do it.  Well, we LOVED it! It was easy and the results were amazing (there will be a full post on this soon!).  It was messy though and so before we even got anything else accomplished for the day both boys ended up in the lake.  They washed the paint off and since it was so hot we decided to just stay outside.  They swam, I read, blogged a bit using my laptop, and began planning Evan's birthday party.  It was a nice day by the lake. 

How was your week?

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  1. That Ranch mix would be googled round here. So glad you ignored stuff and did a zoo day instead! May it be a GREAT weekend!

    1. Ha! I made a huge batch and it's already gone!!

  2. I just adore all of the wonderful experiences you give our children!
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. What a great week. That cake looks amazing. I could just eat a slice :)

    1. My sister is an excellent baker. It was so delicious and her daughter just loved all the colors.

  4. I need to learn how to do that pour painting... looks interesting and kinda makes me think of the acrylic painting the lad did last year.

    1. It was so neat. I do have a tutorial coming but it's not scheduled to post until Wednesday the 23rd. We do plan on trying another multi- cup pour one day this coming week. I just need to get some more disposable cups and a few things of paint. It doesn't take a lot of paint but so many of our colors were running low from all our other projects.


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