Weekly Wrap- Up: 4th of July In the Middle of the Week

I came so close to not having a post for you all today!  I completely blanked that today was Friday with the holiday day off in the middle of the week I was a bit thrown and thought I had another day tucked in there somewhere.  Thankfully I write my weekly wrap- up posts as we go through the week so in just under 30 minutes I had a post all ready.  We spent a lot of time in the lake this week as temps have been in the 90's just about every day with 100 % humidity.  The boys maybe did one or two days worth of schoolwork this week but mostly we just ignored it all and enjoyed our hot summer week as best we could.

Ian headed off to work early Friday morning and Evan dashed in from his sleepover to grab a bathing suit and towel to head to a water-park.  Alec had a dentist appointment and when we got home I asked him what he'd like to do.  He wanted to play video games, a few board games, and read books so that's what we did.  We played a few rounds of Scattegories and played Chess and then I sat outside reading my book most of the afternoon.  I'm just loving Ladies' Night! (So much so that I was finished reading it by Sunday).   After dinner Ian, my husband and I went to pick up a load of scrap and some ice cream.

Saturday morning Ian headed off to work and Evan was all geared up to run scrap with his dad.  I tagged along to help out and we managed 4 loads in one day!! We've never been able to do that before since the scrapyard closes at noon.  After lunch Evan and I wandered down back to check on our tadpoles and discovered we had a few frogs (still with tails but they look so much more like frogs now!).  It was a hot and muggy day so the younger boys and I spent much of it inside in the AC.

We had company coming over on Sunday and spent the morning preparing our patio/ basement and making lots of yummy food stuff to eat.  My whole family was coming over for the afternoon and while it was unbelievably hot and muggy we all had a good time anyway.  Evan and  my husband went swimming to cool off before everyone arrived and picked me some waterlilies; I just love the pink ones.  My husband gave a forge demonstration to my brother and his family and they all worked together to make a pretty basket hook.  My sisters' two families spent most of the day in the water and Ian even brought my younger sister out on a jet ski ride.  My husband brought those that wanted to go out on a boat ride and we had a wonderful time visiting and playing and catching up.

Ian headed off to work Monday morning helping his grandfather dig up a water line.  It was stifling hot, once again, so I had him pack lots of water and told the younger two boys they could spent most of the day inside if they wanted.  I did run out in the early morning and finish cleaning up the patio and basement from our cookout.  After lunch the younger two boys asked if I could walk them over so they could jump off the bridge into the water.  I agreed but only for 3 jumps each since it was hot and I would be in the sun the whole time.  After they convinced me to join them in the lake and I tied a tube up to the dock and floated around with them for an hour or so.

I took all three boys to the movies on Tuesday to see Incredibles 2.  It was in the mid 90's again and we figured a nice cool air conditioned $5 movie was the perfect way to break up our day.  It was a cute movie. We finished our night with a few jet ski rides and some grilled pizza.

My husband had the day off on Wednesday and the boys started their day outside.  We released the frogs we had and they played a round of chicken in the lake but we soon decided it was just too hot!  We headed off to Bass Pro shops and had lunch at Olive Garden.  Once we got home I made some cookies while my husband and Ian decided to take the canoe and go fishing down the river.  Ian caught the most and the biggest fish of the night (shown below in my husband's hands).

Look how tiny our frogs are!

Alec's patience was rewarded when this butterfly climbed up onto his hand.  

We always stop to see the turtles at Bass Pro

The biggest fish of the night

Thursday I went grocery shopping and spent the rest of the day cleaning house.  I gave the boys the option of working on some schoolwork or cleaning a couple of rooms in the house.  Alec and Ian opted to work on school while Evan helped clean.  I did the rest of the house by myself and gave everything a pretty thorough cleaning.  Alec and I did hang out in the water in the late afternoon while Ian went to work on one of our neighbor's beaches using the loader.  I am loving my pool float; I can tie a rope around the foot rest hole and the other end around the dock and just float above the water (and weeds and fish).

Weekly Weight Tracker

Friday-- I was feeling bummed last week that I didn't loose any weight and was ready to just give up when I got on the scale Friday morning to find I had lost another .5 lb!  I also helped pick up and move steel for a good hour after dinner.

Saturday-- Moving more steel/ aluminum/ and scrap for a few hours.

Sunday-- I hardly ate anything; sitting out in the heat and humidity killed my appetite but as it cooled off I did manage to eat a decent sized dinner.

Monday-- I weighed in and found that I had lost another lb-- that makes 9.4 lbs lost in exactly 8 weeks!!  I had started this weight loss journey with the goal of loosing 1-2 lbs a week so while I'm a bit on the lower side of that goal I am rocking it.

I honestly forgot to weigh myself or keep track of any exercise the rest of the week!  I will do better next week but man I dread weighing in on Monday after a full 3 day weekend of parties and outings.

How was your week?  Did you do anything special to celebrate the 4th of July?

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  1. Your swimming hole looks like so much fun!! We have a ton of tadpoles/frogs in what used to be our swimming pool, but I haven't tried to get any pictures. We just enjoy listening to them all singing at night. :-) Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks; it is a lot of fun. Now that you mention it our frogs haven't made any sounds!

  2. What a wonderful week. It was terribly hot on our vacation too.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. Thanks! I like warm weather on vacation but not when it's so super hot you don't want to do anything. That happened to my husband and I when we visited Charleston last year; it was all I could do to make myself walk outside.

  3. I always love the peaks into your daily life!!

    Thanks for linking up @LiveLifeWell!



  4. Oh to have a lake near by to enjoy in the heat!! It looks a lot of fun. We have had a heat wave here in the UK and I think a lake would have been good. Writing up your post as you go seems like a genius idea! I wish I was this disciplined to do this. A lovely week 😍‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

    1. Yeah, it has been a help this summer since it's been so hot! Even today it's supposed to hit 94!


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