Virtual Refrigerator-- Spray Paint Resist Canvas

Today I am sharing a new take on an old favorite art project.  We made some spray paint resist canvas art!  Spray paint is one of those art supplies that my boys are just thrilled to work with and this is one project that Evan has just been begging to make.

Thanks for stopping by and joining us again this week as we host another virtual refrigerator arts and crafts link up.

Evan has been begging me to try the spray paint resist art project that we did last summer again this summer... of course I said yes! 

I suggested to make it just a bit different that we could try making our art on canvas this time instead of heavy duty cardstock.   

He also suggested using spray paint instead of acrylic paints to paint the background-- so that's just what we did! 

Alec and Evan chose to cover their canvas in purple spray paint while I used two different shades of blue for mine.  We sprayed the whole entire front of the canvas making sure we had a nice even coat and then set them in the sun to dry.

Once dry we drizzled dish soap randomly over our canvas

By the time Alec did this portion of the project we were just about out of dish soap; I had more in the house but he didn't want to go get it and he really liked that he managed to have so many bubbles on his canvas.  He wondered what they'd look like when he began spraying his paint.  

As soon as we had a design all made with the soap we used a second color of spray paint to cover the entire project.  Evan chose to use gold while Alec and I both used white.

We thought it was pretty neat to see with all the paint crackling over the soap!

As soon as Alec began spraying the paint his soap bubbles popped but left behind a really neat circle pattern.

We set our paintings aside to dry completely and then hosed off the soap; revealing our design underneath.

Our completed pictures:

Now without further ado I invite you to grab a "magnet" and link up your arts and crafts posts below and visit some other bloggers to see what they shared on their refrigerators.

Your art project doesn't need to be a stand alone post, nor does it need to be a tutorial.  We love day in the life posts or homeschooling wrap- ups that show art work too!  

So what do you have to share with us?

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  1. This is so cool - we need to try it! Thanks for sharing it and reminding me about it!

  2. This looks like so much fun. I definitely need to try this.

  3. These are so cool. They look great and very creative :) Thanks for linking up to The Wednesday Blog Hop. Hope you can join me tomorrow.

    1. Thanks! I just love quick and easy projects like this.

  4. I want to try this. Looks very cool! I can make my own art!


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