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I just love summer and all the free time I have to read while sitting by the lake watching the boys swim and play in the water.  I managed to read quite a lot this month; good thing too since the books just keep piling up!  I already have a good 6 or 7 books waiting for me for next month.  There's just so many good books and so little time to tackle them all.

Here are the ones I read this month:

Shelter in Place by Nora Roberts-- Oh my! I was in tears by page 30 and wasn't sure I was going to be able to read the whole story but I did and I am so glad too; this was a fantastic book! The book begins with a mass shooting at a local movie theater/mall and follows the lives of a few of the survivors afterwards showing how they grow, change, and persevere.

Ladies Night by Mary Kay Andrews-- I read this book in just under two days!  When famous lifestyle blogger Grace finds her husband cheating on her she doesn't realize that walking away from her marriage will find her homeless, unemployed, and trying to completely re-invent herself.  With help from some new friends she encounters at a court mandated divorce support group she finds that life after divorce isn't as bad as she feared.

Matched by Ally Condie-- I LOVED this dystopian novel.  It reminded me a lot of the Divergent series (which I also loved).  Cassia is matched with her best friend and society- chosen perfect mate on her 17th birthday but is accidentally shown a second match; Ky.  As Cassia begins to question all that the Society decrees and dictates and leaves her wondering just what kind of world is is when there are no choices left.

The Index Card by Helaine Olen & Harold Pollack-- I'm trying so hard to branch out this year and read books out of my normal genre.  I can't say I loved this book but it was a  quick read and there were a few good tips and pointers for managing personal finance.

The Perfect Couple by Elin Hilderbrand-- I just love Elin's novels and when this one started with a dead body and an investigation I was hooked.   On the morning of Celeste's wedding her maid of honor Merritt is found floating in the water, as the chief begins poking into the events leading up to that morning we begin to see that maybe there is no such thing as the perfect couple.

Sister's Like Us by Susan Mallery--  While Harper and Stacey couldn't be more different they are very supportive of one another. Harper is divorced and trying to do it all; including putting completely made from scratch meals on her perfectly designed table each night and building a new business to support herself and her daughter.  Stacey is a scientist and with a baby on the way fears she'll never really be a mom since she plans to go back to work and her husband will be the stay at home dad.  Both girls never seem to live up to their mother's expectations and learn that together they can get through it all.

Crossed by Ally Condie--   In this second book in the series Cassia is trying to find her way to Ky who has been taken to one of the outer colonies to fight The Enemy.  She teams up with another girl and they run away into The Caverns to find Ky.  Along the way Cassia learns of The Rebellion and wants to join and fight again The Society.  I can not wait for the third book to come in from our library! 

The High Tide Club by Mary Kay Andrews-- I can't say this was my favorite Mary Kary Andrews book but I was intrigued by all the mystery and secrets.  When Brooke is called to the private island off the coast of Georgia to meet a 99 year old woman, Josephine, who is trying to put her affairs in order she discovers that her grandmother used to be best friends with the prickly old lady.  As Brooke tries to track down any remaining family members of what Josephine and her best friends dubbed the High Tide Club she reaches out to an old friend to help.  Much drama ensues and many secrets are brought to light.

Books I read this year:

What have you been reading?

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