Weekly Wrap- Up: The Week We Got Our Tadpoles

We had a pretty fun filled week and as I type this I realize why I am so tired.  We did a LOT this week!

We had no plans for Friday and somehow we ended up at the movies to watch Avengers Infinity War.  Evan had been begging to go see it again and Ian had never been so they bargained with Alec to get him agree and we all had a lovely time.  Best of all??  I had gift cards so it was completely free!  After dinner all three boys worked with their dad to load up the truck for a scrap run.

Saturday morning Ian headed off to work with his grandfather while the younger two boys headed out to do scrap with their dad which means I had the whole house to myself!  Ian did find time to mow the lawn and then all three boys were off boating and tubing and swimming.  I was still in pants so I don't think it was quite warm enough but they didn't seem to care!

Ian headed out early in the morning on Sunday to go fishing and spent the rest of the day helping his grandfather.  My husband and I spent most of  the day trying to get the boat up and running.  Surprisingly it started up on it's first try!  We still have to clean it and change out the oil but we should have a boat in the water real soon.

Ian headed off to work on Monday with my husband and I took the younger two boys furniture shopping.  We're hoping to buy some new chairs or perhaps a loveseat for my husband for Father's day.  We have some old chairs in our bedroom that I refinished and reupholstered when we first moved in 15 years ago but we'd like something more comfortable as we watch a lot of TV up there now that the boys are older and we all often watch our own thing. We spent the evening cleaning up the boat.

After Alec's karate class on Tuesday the boys and I headed to a local lake to meet up with friends for a fun afternoon of swimming and socializing. It was pretty windy and a bit cool so Evan was the only one (of my boys) that went in the water.  At one point our homeschooling group took up half the beach with around a dozen families showing up!  After dinner we got the boat in the water; so far it runs and it hasn't sunk.  That's a real record for us as our boat is more than 40 years old.

Alec had an orthodontic appointment on Wednesday and I managed to get groceries done before we had to leave.  While Alec was getting his teeth checked we ran into an old family friend; Ian and her son went to Kindergarten together!  Needless to say her kids were so BIG!  It was great getting to catch up with her and on the way home I was reflecting on all the wonderful families and friends we have made through catholic schools (we attended two!), public school, and now homeschooling.  We are so lucky to have met so many sweet and wonderful families.  Ian and I spent the afternoon cleaning out his turtle tank while Alec listened to some more of his book on CD and colored in his color by number/ letter books.

We headed to the beach on Thursday to meet my mom, my sisters, and their children for a lovely day at the shore.  It was windy but that helped keep us from baking in the sun.  The water was quite chilly but since it was low tide most of the day we did walk out in it.  We saw a horseshoe crab!

It was raining Friday morning and we had plans to meet up with friends to go hiking.. I was so bummed thinking it was going to get canceled and I really felt like I NEEDED to get out hiking.  But I am so lucky that the other moms felt the same way and we all met up and forged on through the drizzle.  We actually didn't even feel the water at all while we hiked and we managed a good almost 2 hours in the woods; with kids as young as 3/4 that was pretty amazing!  After the hike we went over to the nearby pond and the kids played in the water.  We all ended up gathering up a few tadpoles to take home to watch the metamorphosis process (I checked and it's perfectly legal in our state).  Sadly the tank we were planning to use for them shattered when it was dropped down the stairs; thankfully no tadpoles were in the tank so we just found a new container to put them in.  We then spent most of the afternoon learning how to care for them.  Once our tadpoles were all set up the boys played chess, checkers, Battleship, Yahtzee, and more.

Weekly Weight Tracker:

Friday-- I weighed in and found I had lost .8 lbs and hit a 6.4 lb weight loss in just under 4 weeks.  Not too shabby; I was hoping for 8 lbs lost but hadn't remembered we had a vacation tucked in there so I'm happy with the results.

Saturday-- My husband and I went on a walk for 30 minutes or so around the neighborhood.

Sunday-- I didn't weight myself or exercise.

Monday-- I weighed in to find I put on .8 lbs over the weekend.  I went for a 30 minute walk and worked out with the stability ball and weights for 30 minutes (combined).

Tuesday-- I weighed in for another .4 lb increase and honestly I was ready to just throw in the towel.  It's so frustrating skipping pizza night and eating zucchini crust pizza, or taking just a bite of a candy bar instead of eating the whole thing, exercising more and seeing little to no movement on the scale but I keep reminding myself these are lifestyle changes and it might take time before I see huge results.   I did walk around the track with two of the boys for 35 minutes while Alec was at Karate and spent 10-15 minutes doing leg exercises in the morning.

Wednesday-- I didn't weigh myself or exercise at all; it was just a busy, busy day.

Thursday-- Weighed in to find I had lost; quite a bit too as I was at a new low weight!  I love when that happens and it redoubles my efforts to not give up.  I didn't exercise since I had to clean house and rearrange some furniture in the house and felt like that was workout enough.

Friday-- Weighed in to find I lost another .4 lbs for a total of 7 lbs lost!  We spent two hours hiking in the woods.

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  1. Oh, you definitely had a fun week! I love the chairs, and wish I had one, too.

    1. I didn't try those particular chairs but we did sit in quite a few really comfortable ones. I finally decided there was no way I could make the decision on my own.

  2. Looks like a great week! We've been wanting a new easy chair for a long time. Maybe someday! Thanks for linking up!

    1. We still haven't found anything that will fit in our space and for now have decided to just keep our old chairs (after all that! LOL).


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