Love to Learn: Easy and Fun Ways to Learn About Plants and Seeds

My boys and I have studied plants and seeds many times through our homeschooling years.  We always start each unit by reading lots of books and, of course, we try our hand at growing our own plants.

Some of our favorite ways to learn about plants and seeds include:

1. Planted beans in plastic baggies so we could see the plants sprout and take root.  

Overnight I soaked some beans in water.  We pulled one bean each out of the water and compared it with a dry, hard bean.  We opened up the larger, soaked seed and found the baby plant inside.  We planted a few of the soaked beans and a few dry seeds inside a plastic baggie with wet cotton balls.  I did this project with wet paper towels instead of a cotton ball back when I was teaching and thought it was a great low- mess way to grow seeds in the classroom.  It also doesn't take up much room and the kids can really see first hand all the growth that would usually take place under the dirt.  Once they had their baggies of seeds the way they liked we sealed them shut and taped them to the window.

2.  We've planted grass seeds inside clear CD cases; again so we could really see the roots and what happens under the soil. 

3.  We've dissected sunflowers and studied all the parts of the flowers.

4. We've tried planting parts of plants too.  Like the time we planted a mango seed or the time we planted the top of the pineapple plant trying to grow our own bromiliad.

5.  We filled a pumpkin with soil one year and watched the seeds inside sprout.

Of course through the years we've planted seeds of all sorts.  We grew a garden, my oldest son has planted an apple an orange tree he grew from seed, my middle son stored some acorn leaves in a bag on the windowsill and once he saw they were sprouting he planted them outside and we had a small tree growing there in no time.

What types of activities have you done with plants and seeds?

What have you been up to?  I'd love to hear from you either in the comments or by linking up your own blog post!  Please join us!

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Love to Learn blog hop | link up | linky | blogging | homeschooling | education | kids activities | kids craft ideas

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  1. There are so many fun ways to teach with plants.

  2. Plant science is a favorite topic in our house. Love the dissecting sunflowers idea! We will have to try it sometime.

    1. It was really neat to see all the seeds inside. I bet it would work well with other flowers too but I figured the bigger flowers would make it a bit easier to see some of the details.


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