Books I Read in May

I made the mistake of starting so many books this month there was no way I could read them all.  I'm currently reading three more novels and while I love having multiple stories going it can make it hard to focus and finish up any one of them.  I decided to just focus on the books I've read in their entirety for this month and save those I'm still reading for next month's summary.

Fall From Grace by Danielle Steel-- When her very wealthy husband dies, forgetting to alter his will to include her, Sydney is forced to move out of her home, leave behind most of her possessions, and get a job in the city to support herself.  Sadly, Sydney takes a job with a dishonest man and finds herself arrested and facing a prison sentence.   Finding courage she never knew she had, Sydney begins to rebuild her life, forge new friendships, and find that not only can she survive but she can thrive.

Number the Stars by Lois Lowry -- Growing up in Copenhagen with her best friend living next door, Annalise's life is changed forever with the Nazi invasion.  Written for young adults, I enjoyed this book tremendously and learned a lot about the Danish people banding together to save the Jewish population in their country from being relocated by German army.

A Nantucket Wedding by Nancy Thayer -- Nancy Thayer's books always make me fall in love with Nantucket and this one made me determined to try and get there this year.  Alison is preparing for her wedding on Nantucket and wants to seamlessly pull together her family and her new husband's family for a summer they will never forget.  Alison, however, did not count on a new stepdaughter that seems determined to thwart her at every turn, a stepson that hits relentlessly on her daughters, or the struggle that both her daughter's are having with their own husbands.  Filled with love, drama, and family strife it was a great read.

Come Sundown by Nora Roberts -- This book started out as two stories in one and I spent a good half of it wondering how they would wind together.  The Bodine family runs a ranch and family resort in Montana.  Bodine's aunt Alice ran away from home so many years ago that the family never even talks of her anymore.  They assumed she found a new life and has forgotten all about them but they don't that she had been about to return home when she was kidnapped and has been held prisoner all these years.  It was a gripping and heart wrenching story.

Books I read this year:


  1. I read Number The Stars last year with my son, we learned a lot!

    1. I found myself wishing I had read the book sooner; it would have come in so handy with our World War II study. It was simply fascinating.

  2. I really enjoyed Number the Stars with my kids. I think I actually re-read it later on my own.

    1. I definitely plan to read it again with my boys.

  3. Lucky! I'm lucky if I'm able to read that many books in half a year. :/

    1. I do read a lot; and I read pretty fast too so that helps. I carry at least one book with me everywhere I go and often read while the family is watching TV at night.


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