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It's the first Monday of the month and, once again, I am linking up with The Blended Blog to answer some fun questions.  This month it's all about spring and I could not be happier!  I am so ready for winter to end and spring to arrive.  

1. What 3 colors remind you most of Spring? Pink, lavender, and pale yellow. 

2. What is the first thing you’d add to your wardrobe in Spring? Flip Flops!  I just love 'em; all colors! 

3. What is the first wardrobe item you ditch in Spring?  My coat and boots.  Honestly, I even try to leave the house without them in the winter.  

4. Who mows the grass where you live? It depends; sometimes I do, my oldest son might, or even my husband. 

5. What’s Spring Like where you live? The trees start budding, the grass gets nice and green again, we see new growth in the garden and the temperatures start to warm up.  We relish those 70 ish degree days but really up here we're happy with anything above 55/60!  

6. What’s Your favorite thing about Spring?  That we are no longer stuck inside!  We'll go hiking, to the beach, on picnics, on field trips, etc.  It's so nice to get back outside.   Many days we bring our schoolwork outside too just to be out in the fresh air. 

7. Are you a Spring Cleaner? Sometimes.  Though I tend to deep clean in fits and spurts year round.  I do tend to clean all the windows though and let as much sunshine in as we can. 

8. Are you a Baseball Fan? Nope, not even a little.  

9. Tulips or Daffodils? That's easy!  Tulips!  Even my wedding bouquet was made out of them. 

10. Favorite Outdoor Spring Activity? Hiking or Kayaking.  I just love to hike when the weather is nice but not too hot (as long as the bugs aren't out in full force yet).  We also enjoy kayaking the most before summer hits and all the boats are out; it's very relaxing in spring when the lake is calm and empty.  

11. Flowers in the Ground or in Pots?  Both! I have a few annual gardens and I love to plant perennials in pots on our front steps and hanging off the back deck plus I'll scatter a few hanging pots throughout the gardens too.

12. Favorite Bird?  Hummingbirds!  I just love those little guys and we get lots of them at our house.  One time we even found one that was half dead in our garage and managed to rehabilitate it (you can read more about that here if you'd like).  

13. Car Wash or Wash Vehicles at Home? We've been to the car wash once and my boys thought it was fantastic.  Mostly we wash cars at home. 

14. When Do You pull out Your sandals?  That would imply I put them away at some point! I love my flip flops and will wear them right up until the first snow storm.  Pretty much as long as there is no snow on the ground I'll wear them.  We had a week with warm spring like weather a few weeks back and I had my flip flops out already.  

Christmas Eve 2015
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  1. You have a beautiful family! Enjoy your week.

  2. I hope the spring weather actually hits here soon. We have snow on the ground at the moment!

    1. It snowed here again today; just a couple of inches.. but still... I'd love some spring weather too.

  3. I would love to bring the kids out to do school work!

    1. It is wonderful! We take our books to the park, on picnics, etc.

  4. I’m so ready to flip flop and kayak! Come on Spring! Love your toe nail color! xo

    1. Thanks! They are some of those Jamberry Wraps. They won't stay on my nails for anything but they work great on my toes.

  5. Just love all the tulips and not being stuff inside is freedom. I agree with good-by to coats and hello flip-flops.

    1. I really can not wait for the flip flops to make a more permanent appearance. Thankfully today's snow is already mostly melted. Now if mother nature would just keep the rest of it to herself and warm up I'd be ever so grateful.

  6. I just love that your wedding bouquet was made out of tulips! I bet it was gorgeous. I also love to go hiking or even trail running BEFORE the bugs get too bad! That photo of your boys in the car wash is hilarious!


  7. A GIANT yes to those flip-flops! Mine are already in use, too! And, hummingbirds ::love:: They are amazing to watch.

    1. Sadly, I've only gotten to use mine once unless I stay inside... we've had so much snow and rain and cold weather that it's really not flip flop weather at all yet.


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