Books the Boys Read in April

As we wrap up all of our schoolwork for the year the boys have more time than ever to sit and read.  They've all had a lot of fun picking and choosing their own books, once again, this month.

A to Z Mysteries Colossal Fossil-- Ian finished up another Super Edition in his favorite series.  This time the kids have to solve the mystery of who stole from the museum during their sleepover.  Ian did tell me he often solves the mystery long before the gang but he still enjoys them anyway.  I even got him to read an entire chapter aloud to me and he really is a great reader.

Joshua Dread The Dominion Key-- We all listened to the third book in the series while driving around.  We love having a family audiobook going and the boys all enjoy this series.  Joshua and his friends must stop Vex from making the ultimate weapon so they must find the dominion key before Vex.  Filled with action and a few plot twists this was a fun book.

A Legend of Starfire-- This was one of the many, many books Alec got for his birthday; it's the second book to a series he had already started reading.  In this book Wren must travel even further into the Land of Nod to fight Boggen. 

Schooled-- My boys and I just LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book!  We read it together each morning during breakfast and it kept us in stitches.  Capricorn Anderson has been homeschooled his entire life.  Raised on a hippie commune by his grandmother Raine he knows little to nothing about the outside world.  But when Raine is injured Cap must go and live with a foster family and attend the local public school.  As a prank the kids all nominate Cap as their class president.

Miss Tracy is Spacy--  Evan loves all the Weird School books and we had a great time together reading this one.  Miss Universe is coming to AJ's school to teach the kids all about the planets.. but Miss Universe turns out to be an old woman named Miss Tracy and when she has the kids in AJ's class put on a play AJ is cast as Uranus.

Giant Earthmovers-- Ian just loves this book he received a couple of years ago from his great grandfather and is still working his way through page by page caption by caption.  He doesn't want to miss a single word and can not wait to share about what he reads each day.

The Last Olympian-- Alec finished up the last book on CD in the Percy Jackson series that he is listening to for the third time.  He just loves these books and characters so much since he loves learning about Mythology.  In the final book Percy and his friends must battle the Titans and keep Kronos from waking.

Masterminds Payback-- The boys and I really enjoyed the third book in the series; reading a few chapters each morning before school.  In this latest edition the 4 clones- Eli, Malik, Tori, and Amber are re-united and discover that project Osiris and the other clones are hiding out on an island paradise.  The kids head there with the intent of rescuing the other clones but everything does not go according to plan... and they fear that they will all be captured.

Hidden Rock Rescue-- Alec was thrilled to find that the third book in the Bearhaven series was available and quickly dove into the book.  Spencer has been living in Bearhaven with the bears ever since his parents were kidnapped.  In this book he is ready to go and rescue his parents.  He knows they're being held captive at the Hidden Rock Zoo but when Spencer and his friends get there their plan starts to fall apart and Spencer must think on his feet to get everyone out alive.

The Serpent's Secret-- Alec just began this book and LOVES it so much. Kiranmala just turned 12 and lives in New Jersey with her parents.  One day her parents just vanish and demons begin to pursue her.  She begins to realize that all the stories her parents told her were not just fantasies and that she is truly an Indian princess. Written in a similar style to Rick Riordan's book the author uses  Bengali folktales and Indian Mythology to keep this face paced story going.

Miss Mary is Scary--  Evan picked out this book one day at Barnes and Noble and we have had a lot of laughs reading it together.  Miss Mary is the new student teacher and she's British.  With odd sayings, dressing in black, and a pet bat the kids begin to think that Miss Mary may be a vampire!

The Lost Hero--  As soon as Alec finished up the last book on CD of the Percy Jackson series he asked if we could go pick up this book on CD.  In this sequel to the Percy Jackson books Piper, Leo, and Jason must rescue Hera.  With the help of their mechanical dragon Festus they try to make their way from New York to California without dying along the way.

The Lost Hero (The Heroes of Olympus, Book 1) by [Riordan, Rick]

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  1. Thanks for the list. I'm always looking for new reads for my nephews and there were some new to me titles here.

    1. You're welcome! We're always on the lookout for new books too. We recently discovered Gordon Korman and just love his books.

  2. This is a good list. My son is small at the moment but I can enjoy reading these myself!

    Maureen |

    1. I loved Schooled, Masterminds, and The whole Percy Jackson series. :)

  3. It's crazy how much the books have changed since I was a kid. I thought I would recognize one of them.

    1. It really is; I find that my boys do read some of the same books I read a child but not many. I'm not sure if it's the whole boy versus girl thing or just that there are so many new authors. My boys have read some Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary books and my middle son has been reading graphic novel re-makes of all the Babysitter Club books.

  4. My boys are still small (3 and 5) so are not quite ready for these books yet but they adore reading! I can't wait until they spend days with their noses in books like your boys - time to read is one of the best gifts we can give our children :) Thanks for sharing on #FabFridayPost

  5. My boy loves - How to train a Dragon. So I think - The Lost Hero will be a good fit for him. x

    1. That might be a bit old for him (some content is about boyfriend/girlfriend/ sexual orientation) but I bet he'd love the Dragon Keepers series. It's a set of chapter books with a few pictures meant for younger readers and each child is paired off with their own dragon and together they have special abilities. It's a really cute series that my younger two boys really enjoyed. I have a whole post about our favorite Dragon books here if you're interested:

    2. Oh! Thank you for the head up. I will have a look at the Dragon Keeps and your post too. Thank you again. xx


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