Spring Bling on the Crafts Wood Block Sign

On the first Monday of each month, a group of DIY and crafty bloggers join forces to bring you the #BlingontheCrafts blog hop. Each blogger creates a glittery, sparkly, shiny, shimmery, sequined, or “blingy” craft to share that goes with a monthly theme.

March's theme is Spring. Each blogger chooses their own craft to make as long as it shines and is Spring themed.

If you’d like to participate next month, you can request to join our Bling on the Crafts Facebook group. Next month's theme is Cinco de Mayo!

My spring craft is the backside of my St. Patrick's Day blocks from January's link up.

It was such a fun and easy project!

My husband offered to cut and sand all the blocks for me once I gave him some measurements.

All of the blocks are 1 1/2 inches thick and we figured we needed:

2 at 4" by 2"

2 at 3 1/2" by 2"

2 at 3" by 2"

and 1 at 5" by 1 1/2"

Next I went rummaging through my scrapbooking papers looking for a few printed pages that looked nice together.  It took me a while to find some complimentary patterns and I finally settled on these:

I cut my papers to size and made sure I liked the arrangement I had before I glued all of the papers to the blocks using Elmer's Glue All.  I put a think coat of glue on the wood, attached the paper, and then put another fine coat of glue over the top.

Like this 

I set all my wood pieces aside to dry and using my computer and Circut I designed the letters I wanted to be cut out.  I made sure each letter was just a bit smaller than my woodblock and then cut out the letters on pretty pink vinyl.  I had planned to use my glittered pink paper but after dealing with the papers lifting off my St. Patrick's day blocks I decided to try using sticky back vinyl this time.

It's not as sparkly as I would have liked but vinyl does catch the light and shimmer just a bit..

I cut out the words Welcome Spring and using my Cricut tools I peeled them off gently and applied them to my blocks.

I just LOVE them!!

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  1. I love how those came out! Very cool that they have a reverse side as well.

    1. Thanks! I just wish I had made them a bit larger; while I love them they look lost on my mantle.

  2. These look awesome! So bright & cheerful, perfect for spring. I love using vinyl for lettering. The blocks are so cute!

    1. Thank you. I have just stared using Vinyl for lettering and so far I am finding it pretty easy to work with!

  3. I absolutely love that you can use these blocks for two occasions. Less storage room needed! The colours you chose for the spring themed side are so happy and fresh. Great job!

  4. It's such a great idea to make these blocks two sided! I love the bright colors, too. Have you tried the glitter vinyl yet? I want to stick it on everything lol.

    1. Unfortunately, no. I thought I had bought glitter vinyl then when I got home realized it was just glittered stock; I can already tell I'll love it though.

  5. These are so pretty and double sided too - how clever. They will be one of the features at Handmade Monday next week. :-)

  6. I love it! It’s bright and colorful and perfect for spring. Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.

  7. Such a great idea. Love these signs :) Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays, you will be one of my featured blogs today.

  8. So smart to make a reverse sign that you can leave out for two occasions. This is a great way to use up scrap wood and scrap paper too.

  9. Very bright and cheerful for spring! The reverse side is cute and festive as well. It's projects like this that make me keep all my bits of scrap paper and fabric... because one day.... :) I'm visiting from Artsy Fartsy.

    1. I do find those scraps of paper come in so handy for so many projects. I rarely get rid of any paper bits either.


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