Chalk Pastel Orca Whales

I have been having such a hard time getting my boys to agree on anything lately.  They all groan and complain when I try to add some art into our days and I can not get any of them to articulate why they don't want to participate anymore.

I find that if I keep making suggestions eventually I can find a project that they're willing to work on.

That's what happened with our whale drawings.

Once we settled on WHAT to draw, I had all the boys pick out whatever color paper they wanted and we grabbed our pencils to being drawing.

We had a bit of a hard time following some on-line directions for how to draw an Orca whale when I remembered that our Draw Write Now books had a very easy to follow step by step instructional page about the whale.  So I grabbed our book, opened to the page on Orca whales and we all set to work.

Once we had our whales drawn we added some color to them.  Our plan had been to use chalk pastels but Evan informed me that he doesn't like the sound or texture of chalk and asked if he could use oil pastels instead.

Of course I said sure!

The older boys and I used chalk.  We colored the whales in using black, white and gray then added in our backgrounds. 

I took sweeping stripes of all shades of blue and green to make my background; looking like the whale was underwater.

Ian added the ocean floor and some lighter blue for the sky in his drawing.

Evan didn't want a background at all on his picture since the whale was drawn on blue which is the color of the ocean.

Alec drew his whale jumping out of the water at night with the moon sparking in the sky and off the water.  He used white, gray, blue and black to make his background.

I was so glad I pushed the boys to give it a try and I think they were all quite impressed with their drawings when we were finished.

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  1. Love these!! My daughter was trying to think of something to draw with her chalk pastels just a few days ago. Pinned this to give her some inspiration. :-)

    1. Thanks for the pin! We often want to draw with the chalk pastels but do get hung up on what to draw... I can't believe we never thought to use our Draw Write Now books for some art guidance.

  2. The drawings turned out very well! Good idea! My granddaughter loves orcas so I think she would enjoy this project. Thank you for sharing on Party in Your PJ's.

    1. I was pleasantly surprised by how well my youngest son does; he normally hates art and drawing but these books give wonderful step by step illustrations that make it easy and fun to draw.


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