Easy Oven Baked Vegetable and Cheese Quesadillas

I am always looking for quick and easy weeknight meals that the whole family can enjoy.  I have two pretty picky eaters so finding something we can all enjoy is often a challenge unless I want to serve pizza or spaghetti each and every night.

I decided to try making quesadillas last week and told the boys that they could pick from any of the ingredients I had assembled.

I planned to make them meatless and full of vegetables but knew that might not go over so well.

First I pulled out all the ingredients to make 4 quesadillas:

Large flour tortillas- 8
4 cups of Colby jack and cheddar cheese, shredded
frozen chopped spinach; thawed
broccoli, cooked cut into bit sized pieces
mushrooms, sauteed

I then laid two tortillas on a cookie sheet and added the individual toppings.

Evan just wanted cheese and Ian begged to have cheese and pepperoni on his.  I did have pre- sliced pepperoni in the fridge so I let him make his own.

I then added a second tortilla on top and slid it into the preheated oven at 350 for 15 minutes.

While the boys quesadillas were cooking I made some for my husband and myself.  I laid two more tortillas on a second cookie sheet and laid out some spinach and broccoli.

I topped the spinach and broccoli with cheese and sauteed mushrooms then put the final tortilla on top and slid them into the oven for 15 minutes just as soon as the first batch was all finished.

You'll know they're done when they turn a nice golden brown and the cheese is nicely melted.

Once all the quesadillas were cooked I cut them into quarters and served them with salsa and sour cream. 

They were delicious and so flavorful! 

We will definitely be making these more often!

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