Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie Recipe

I have been craving pecan pie for months and not just any pecan pie... I remembered a chocolate chip pecan pie that I had made years and years ago.

I wasn't sure I was going to remember how to make it but I decided I had to give it a try.

For my pie I needed:

one pie crust (I used this recipe)
1 cup chocolate chips
3 eggs, beaten
1 cup corn syrup (I prefer light)
2/3 cup sugar
1/3 cup butter, melted (and cooled)
1 tsp. vanilla
1 1/4 cups pecan halves

I rolled out my pie crust and lined my pie plate and preheated the oven to 350.

Then I poured in 1 cup of chocolate chips; making sure the bottom of the crust was even layered with them.

In a separate bowl I mixed together the eggs, corn syrup, butter, sugar, and vanilla.  I added the pecans to my pie plate and poured the egg mixture over the whole thing.  I then covered up the edges of my pie with tin foil and popped the whole thing in my preheated oven.

I baked the pie at 350 for 25 minutes.

I removed the foil and continued baking for another 25 minutes or so until the knife inserted in the middle of the pie came out clean.

I set it aside to cool before slicing into it.

It takes a bit like pecan pie meets Tollhouse pie and it was gone in just a few short days!

I prefer my pie heated just a bit so the chocolate is nice and melted then top the whole thing off with a nice big dollop of Cool Whip!

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  1. It's my husband's favorite pie and yet I've never made it for him. I just realized what a horrible wife I am, lol. I like the addition of chocolate in your pie. Maybe I will surprise him with your recipe one day... :)

  2. I am not so good in making pies or tarts, but I would love to try this one. It looks so good!! Thanks for sharing.

    1. If you use refrigerated/ ready to use pie crust it's actually one of the easier pies to make.

  3. Thanks for sharing at the What's for Dinner party - Merry Christmas

  4. Combining two of my favorite things..chocolate and pecan pie. Yes, please! YUM!

  5. Your pie looks delicious! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday and you have a great 2018.
    Happy New Year!
    Miz Helen

  6. YUM! This chocoholic would love this!! Thanks so much for linking up at #AThemedLinkup 5 for Thanksgiving Recipes. Shared.

    1. I firmly believe everything tastes better with a little chocolate! ;)

  7. Congrats! Your post is FEATURED at #AThemedLinkup 6 for All Things Christmas from my previous linkup for Thanksgiving Recipes!

  8. Visiting again to say thanks so much for linking up with me at #AThemedLinkup 33 for Thanksgiving Recipes. Shared again.


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