Fall Bucket List

I can not believe it's October already!  We have been having some unseasonably warm fall weather (think mid to upper 80's!) here in New England and it is making me forget that it is finally fall!

I always have a long list of activities and ideas for fall that we'd like to do before the snow starts flying but we're getting a bit of a late start on it all this year since it still feels like summer.  

I finally decided I'd better write up my list and get going or else fall might pass us by entirely!

There are some things we just have to do for me to feel like it's officially fall.  

1.  We have to go apple picking!  We've gotten fresh apples from the orchard but have yet to actually pick any this year. 

2.  Go through a corn maze; luckily our homeschool group had a field trip planned and we were able to cross this one off our list already!

3.  Go hiking and look at all the foliage.  This year we plan to hike up a small mountain and see the pretty colors from above. 

4.  Visit Salem Massachusetts.  We just spent the last few weeks learning about the Salem witch trials and I thought this was the perfect fall field trip.  This town really does up the celebration of fall and Halloween.

5.  Bake apple pies; we do this as a family every year and make a good 3 or 4 pies in one night.  

6.  Attend one of the Zoo Boo days at Southwick's zoo.  Though Ian is no longer interested in dressing up and will not be trick- or- treating at all this year I do still want to take all the boys to the zoo for their trick- or - treating days.  It's tradition and one I know they'll all outgrow in another few years.

7.  Take annual photos of the boys; and maybe even squeeze in a family photo.  In place of school photos I take an annual photo of the boys and typically use the fall foliage as my background.  I need to get on this before our leaves are all gone this year. 

8.  Make chocolate chip pecan pie!  I have not made a pecan pie in years and years and lately I am just craving it.  I really hope I can find (or remember) my favorite recipe for pecan pie that also happened to contain a cup or so of chocolate morsels.  

9.  Carve pumpkins and make sweet roasted pumpkin seeds.  We haven't carved pumpkins in a couple of years but as much as I hate the mess and I can not stand the smell of the inner pumpkin I do miss this fun tradition.  

10.  Visit the Mashentucket Pequot Museum.  We went once when we first started homeschooling but have yet to make it back to this wonderful museum. I know there is so much my boy have forgotten and fall seems like the perfect time to take a trip there. 

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