Reminiscing on My School Days

This week we're heading back to school with The Blended Blog asks.  I just love these question and answer type posts and I had such fun reminiscing on my old school days.  While I have fond memories of school and I remember enjoying learning; I didn't always love school.

I often felt nervous and worried constantly about fitting in, my grades, and making a fool of myself.  However, had I not gone to school I might not have met my husband!  We met in grammar school and started dating in high school... and the rest as they say is history!

My husband and I before Junior semi formal 

1.  I LOVED learning and remember enjoying school (though I did get so nervous I'd throw up most days at some point)

2.  School usually started after Labor Day

3.  I was usually an Eager Beaver until high school or so.

4.  I can't remember a favorite breakfast; I know I often tried not to eat breakfast at all

5.  My favorite cereal was Rice Krispies

6.  I attended private school for the first few years and it required a uniform but once I switched to public school in 3rd grade no uniform was required.

I was a cheerleader for many years; starting when I was pretty young

7.  I always wore a new outfit for the first day and often for the whole first week.

8.  We moved a few times (within the same town) when I was growing up and depending on where we lived I sometimes walked to school and sometimes took the bus.  I mostly remember my mom dropping us off.

9.  I was a backpack girl; but only hung it off one shoulder to be "cool"

10.  I mostly ate a packed lunch but would buy on pizza day... if I wasn't skipping lunch...  (I had horrible eating habits I know!)

11.  If I bought milk it was white and skim.

12.  I had lunch boxes when I was younger but by upper middle/ high school I definitely had brown bags.

8th grade graduation with my mom and sister 

13.  I mostly remember walking around the playground talking to my girlfriends.  We'd just keeping walking circles around the perimeter.

14. New clothes were always my favorite back to school item.

15.  I only remember chalk boards until dry erase boards began popping up in high school.  I LOVED getting to help clean the board and the erasers at the end of the day.

16. Regular pencils.

17.  I typically finished my homework before we even left school for the day but I'm pretty sure if I did have any I tackled it right away as soon as I got home.

18.  I can't really remember a favorite after school snack but I do remember eating English Muffins with peanut butter and marshmallow fluff.

high school graduation with my grandmother and my memere 

19.  I don't remember having a favorite after school show but they did have a cheesy movie series called After School Specials that I remember watching.  They taught all us sorts of real obvious messages and the acting was pretty lame but I do remember enjoying them.

20.  I loved all the school subjects but my favorites were  reading and math.

21.  My least favorite would have been wood shop or chemistry; mostly because I am a klutz and was afraid to get seriously injured.

22. I didn't have one best friend but I hung out with a group of friends: Kelly, Natalie, and Beth are the ones that stick out the most.

My friends and their dates at our senior prom (I'm in the second row; second from the left and my husband is standing behind me) 

23. Our mascot was a clipper ship.

24. I took the SAT's and did real well.

25.  I guess my favorite year in high school was my senior year.  As much as I enjoyed school I was happy to know it was going to be over soon and we did a lot of fun stuff.

26.  I did have a high school class ring and sadly I have no idea what happened to it.

27.  I have not attended a single class reunion.

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  1. Oh how I loved your throwback photos! Beautiful then and now!! Glad someone else loved math! People think I'm weird that it was my favorite.

    1. Aw, thank you! I was just telling my husband today that in going back through pictures from my childhood I realized that I was never quite as overweight as I always felt.

  2. Love all the photos!! New outfits the whole first week...LOVE IT..Let's be friends!! :) Sadly, I lost my college ring, too...twice!!

    1. Any excuse to buy new clothes, right?! I love clothes and can't help buying new ones...

  3. I remember slinging my backpack on only one shoulder too! Only nerds wore them on both! My how times have changed! Thanks for linking up with the Blended Blog!

    1. Oh I know! I saw teenage boys wearing knee socks with their flip flops and shorts at the park this summer and thought how dorky we all claimed that was way back then. Trends and styles sure do change.

  4. You and your mom and sister look so much alike. :) Yes to the one shoulder backpack carrying style. I'm so happy the kids today have wised up. Happy Tuesday!

    1. We definitely do; I never really realized it until I was looking back through the pictures.

  5. What a fun post! And it's so great that you married your childhood sweetheart!

    1. Thank you! I know that we were so blessed to have found each other so early.

  6. Thanks for sharing at Party in Your PJs! What a fun post--I could connect on so many of your answers! I might have to do a post with the questions, too!

    1. It was lots of fun! I actually plan to head to my mother's later this week and look through some of my old school pictures for another link up post that The Blended Blog is hosting this month.

  7. What a lovely post and answers. Aww, lovely photos :) Thanks for linking up


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