My September Reading List

I didn't have nearly as much time to read this month since the boys and I are back in the swing of homeschooling.  Keeping up with their schoolwork, the housework, and just life in general doesn't allow for a whole lot of leisure reading time but the books I did read were just fantastic.

1.  The Right Time by Danielle Steel.  When Alex looses both her mother and father at a young age and finds herself living in an orphanage where she encouraged to keep writing the murder mystery novels she has no idea the twists and turns her life will take.  She publishes her first book at 19 under a pen name and find that keeping her secret is tougher than she ever imagined.

2.  All By Myself, Alone by Mary Higgins Clark.  I loved this murder mystery book and all the sub- stories that wen along with the main plot.  Celia is a gemologist booked to speak on a luxury cruise. When an elderly woman is murdered and her jewelry is found missing, Celia and the rest of the cast try to piece together what happened that night and who is responsible for the murder. With so many secrets abound it seems like everyone is a suspect.

3.  The Hope Chest by Viola Shipman. As Mattie struggles towards the end of her life and her battle with ALS she comes across the hope chest she received from her parent as a young child.  With each item that is introduced there is a flashback and a story to go along with it.  Each story reminds Mattie, her husband, and her caretaker of the importance of both family and hope.  A very touching story.

4.  Beach House for Rent by Mary Alice Monroe.   I was thrilled to realize that this book took place on the Isle of Palms since I just visited there myself this summer.  In Beach House For Rent Cara Rutledge rents out her beach house on the Isle of Palms for the summer to Heather Wyatt.  Cara needs the money to try and keep her family afloat while Heather needs a quiet place to paint birds for her new job making postal stamps. Heather find solace on the isle and begins to be drawn out of her shell, opens her heart to falling in love and embracing adventure.  However as Cara's world begins collapsing around her she just wants to return to her family home.  Heather refuses to budge and the two begin rooming together; forming an unlikely friendship.

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