Weekly Wrap- Up: The Week We Used our Water Wizz Passes

We spent every single day outside this week!  We went swimming, kayaking, to the beach and to a water park! We watched the eclipse, saw our monarch butterfly hatch, and enjoyed some time at a small aquarium learning about sea animals.

Friday was pretty cloudy so the boys settled in to work on some schoolwork.  Before the rains came the younger boys and I went on a walk around the neighborhood.  We spotted a  pair of woodpeckers on a bird feeder and saw lots of water lilies.

On Saturday, Ian went to work with his grandfather and my husband and I took the younger two boys to help begin moving the blacksmith shop over from my husbands' great aunt's house.  We moved the anvil, forge, and a few other larger pieces of machinery that he needs to begin setting up shop in our shed.  It was hot and the boys spent some time swimming in the afternoon (and checking on our chrysalis).  After dinner we all hiked up to the tri- state marker with my husband who had not gone with us on last week's trip and we ended our night with some yummy ice cream.

Can you see the  lines on the wings?

Evan was thrilled to "visit" all three states at once

We woke early on Sunday and got right to work packing up the cooler and car to head to the beach and shore.  We had lunch at Fort Wetherill and then spend some time playing in the water.  We decided to head over to Beavertail Lighthouse afterwards and we toured the lighthouse museum and went through the small aquarium they have on site.  We headed home and the boys went tubing then we ended our night with a quick trip to Lowe's and a family diner out.

The boys and I were up bright and early on Monday morning.  I had bought a pack of discount passes in the early spring and we were finally heading to the water park to check it out.  We had never been to Water Wizz before and we were hopeful that the long ride would be worth it.  Maybe it would have been if they had not sold out the park by 11 am.  It was crowded, the lines were long and we barely made it on 4 rides apiece by the end of the day.  We did, however, get to use one of the worker's eclipse glasses and view the eclipse at it's peak in our area (which was about 60-70%).

Tuesday morning Evan had another doctor's appointment.  They were so thrilled with his progress that we are slowly starting to wean him off his medication.  Assuming all goes well within just a few weeks we should only be using medicine on an as needed basis.  Evan was so happy!  After lunch we all headed out to run errands at the library, the grocery store, and the post office.  We checked on our caterpillar and noticed that it is not nearly as green as it was.... it should hatch soon!

Luckily we had no plans on Wednesday as I had hurt my foot pretty badly on Tuesday and was having problems walking in the morning.  We did check on our butterfly and found it ready to hatch.  We didn't actually see it hatch but we did watch it on the chrysalis as it pumped fluid into it's wings.  It stuck around for a few hours before flying away (which we all missed!).  The boys each worked on some math, reading, and language arts and then we worked to clean the basement and part of the patio.  The boys ended the day with a dip in the lake enjoying our new floats.

Thursday we had no plans to do anything but clean house.  The boys did a bit of schoolwork and then threw themselves into cleaning.  Ian dusted, Evan vacuumed and Alec swept and washed all the floors (downstairs anyway).  It was such a huge help!  Ian tried working on our jet ski and after he could not get it to work decided to wait for his father to get home.  He did go get the loader and remove a very old (falling apart) picnic table from our patio.  He worked out how to best hold the table onto the forks of the loader and I was so happy to have that space back on our patio.  After lunch we went on a hour long kayak ride together checking out another new cove.  Once home the younger two boys went swimming while I cleaned the patio and all the furniture.  After supper Ian helped his father work on putting the forge together.

How was your week?

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  1. What a fabulous week! You guys get so much water play.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. We sure do! I bet we'll be swimming, boating and tubing today too (if it warms up a bit!)

  2. LOVED the progress pictures on the chyrsalis and beautiful butterfly!

  3. Wow, your photo of the chrysalis is amazing. I can't believe you can see the wings through! We've had 6 turn into butterflies this year and I hadn't even noticed.

    Thank you for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

    1. We could not believe how much we could see before it hatched!


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