Visiting Isle of Palms and The Yorktown

It was pretty ironic that prior to our trip to Charlestown I happened to be reading quite a few summer/ beach books that took place all around the city including the islands surrounding it.  I was thrilled when  my husband offered to get up early one morning and drive me over to the Isle of Palms and Sullivan's Island for a nice walk on the beach.  It was so relaxing!  

I loved these two seaside communities; probably more than I enjoyed Charleston!  

After our walk and breakfast we decided to head over to Patriot's Point and check out the air craft carrier Yorktown.  We also toured the submarine and would have enjoyed the rest of the areas on display too but the heat had us heading back to our hotel for a relaxing afternoon by the pool sipping an ice cold Pina Colada!

I was quite nervous to walk inside seeing all the rusty holes (and we later learned that it's being towed to Florida this winter and sunk off the coast to make a new reef...) 

Birds along the shore 
Much of the inside of the Yorktown has been gutted and many mini museums are set up inside teaching about different battles, different aspects of the navy, and even the different ships.

From the deck of the Yorktown we had a great view of Charleston and a cruise ship that was parked there for the day.  We elected to stay OUT of Charleston knowing there would be a lot more people crowding the streets, shops, and restaurants.

There were many planes and helicopters set up on the Yorktown deck and inside the hanger.

The beach was nice but it was pretty hard to beat the wonderful pool at our hotel!

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  1. this is one place where me and hubby could agree would be super cool to visit. With all the great aspects of nature and more
    thanks for sharing
    come see us at

    1. It was wonderful and so calming nice and early in the morning.

  2. Thanks for the great trip idea. My husband would love the Yorktown!

    1. It was so neat and I really wish it had been cool enough for us to check out the battleship and the other buildings.

  3. I was just at Charleston this past spring. I didn't know about this place. I hope to go back someday and explore more. TFS!

    1. I only knew about the Isle of Palm and Sullivan's Island because I had been reading some fun summer books the month before we left and that's where they had taken place. When I looked them up on the map and saw how close they were to Charleston I just knew I had to take a side trip!


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