They Asked; I Answered!

Today I am joining with the Blended Blog to answer their series of questions.  I love these ladies and am an avid reading of the blog and many of their personal blogs too.

I love these fun little link ups!

1. Pool, Lake, or Ocean?   Pool always and only the pool!  I may live on the lake but it's a rare occasion that I will actually swim in it.

2. Camping, Cottage, Or Hotel?  Hotel; the more amenities the better!

3. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?  I'm not sure I have just one favorite ice cream flavor but my top three are Maine Black Bear, Denali Moose Tracks, and any flavor Magnum bar.

4. Pj's, Nightgown, T-shirt/Shorts, or Birthday Suit?  My pj's of choice tend to be wide leg yoga pants with a baggy t-shirt or hoodie depending on how cold it is outside.

5. Fave Summer Beverage?  Iced tea!  Sweetened and preferably flavored with fruit.

6. Would You Rather be Hot or Cold?  Neither!  LOL.  If I had to choose one I'd pick cold.  I really hate to sweat and I figure I can always put more layers on but there are only so many that you can take off ...

7. Sandals with Heels or Flats?  Flats.  I am not coordinated enough to walk in heels.

8.  Shorts or Skirts?  Neither... well, a maxi skirt is OK but I'm most comfortable in linen pants or Capri pants.

9. Sit in the Sun or the Shade?  Shade.  I burn easily so I try to just stay out of the sun.

10. Water, Tea or Soda?  I think we already established with number 5 that I am.... Tea!  Cold and sweet.  YUM

11.  Favorite Summer Fruit, Vegetable? My favorite summer fruit would have to be strawberries but pineapple and peaches would be a very close tie for second.  My favorite summer vegetable is summer squash/ zucchini; I never get sick of them and eat them grilled, roasted, sauteed, steamed, and in just about any dish with anything.

12.  Sunrise or Sunset?  Both!  I love the colors and that quiet time of the day.  It seems like everything is still...

13. Bike Ride or Walk?  I do enjoy both but walk more often than I bike.

14. Winery or Brewery? While I have never acquired a taste for wine or beer I do think there is something very calming about all those fields at the winery.

15. Garden or No Garden?  No garden.  We have several flower gardens and I always complain that they require more work than their worth.  I have tried growing vegetables but have never really been successful with it. I do love seeing the pretty flowers though.

16. Big Summer Concert or Music in the Park?  Music in the park though I've never really been to a big summer concert I do have fond memories of dancing around a town green at the Cape as a child every year listening to a band in the park dancing the bunny hop and other assorted dances with my grandmother and sister.  That memory just makes me smile and think of summer.

17. Fave Cookout Food?   Um... dessert? LOL.  I love sugary sweets and chocolate and while I enjoy pasta salads, tossed salads and potato salads I am usually all about the desserts.

18. Dine Indoors or Patio? Eating on the patio! 

19.  Fave Summer Destination?  Honestly my favorite summer destination is my backyard; but we live on a lake.  As my husband jokes we live where people vacation so we don't need one in the summer.

20. Big Theme Park or Local Carnival?  As big of  Disney fan as I am I'd have to say big theme park!

21.  Drinks Blended or on the Rocks?  As I already stated I don't drink beer or wine and so my drink of choice is always blended!  Pina Coladas, Strawberry Daiquiris and I'll never forget the Mango Tangos on our cruise ship (Pina Colada mixed with Mango Daiquiris!)

23.  Popsicle or Freezie Flavor of Choice?  I love Popsicles and freezies!  Gobble them right down by biting into them and chewing (I'm probably giving my sister chills just typing this!).  I don't really have a favorite flavor but I will not eat cherry or banana flavored ones; yuck.  If I HAD to pick a favorite it would be a toss up between Pina Colada, Pink Lemonade, or Blue Raspberry.

24. Hot Dog or Hamburger?  Cheeseburger every time!  I prefer mine without ketchup, mustard or condiments of any kind but you can never go wrong with sauteed mushrooms or lettuce and tomato.

Want to join in and answer?  Here is the original set of questions:

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  1. Over the moon you joined us!! Loved reading your summertime favorites! Your burger sounds like mine, sautéed mushrooms...oh yum!! Let's sit by the pool and have some tea!!! xo

  2. I'm with you - I get hot way too easy so I'd say cold over hot. More layers and blankets can do the trick better than sweating all the time! lol I'm also all about the pool. :)


    1. I love being at the ocean and looking at it.. I may wade in up to my ankles but I am leery about swimming with anything I can't see.

  3. My backyard is also my oasis and I find I don't need to go anywhere. Thanks so much for linking up!

  4. Oh I love this! So much fun! Now I want some Denali Moose Tracks Ice Cream!!!! Have a fabulous week!


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