Books My Boys Read in August

One thing that really stuck out to me this month is that 99% of all of these books belong to my middle son.  He is my reader and we have yet to find a book or series that he doesn't like!  While he goes through spurts when he reads non- stop and other days or weeks when he hardly reads at all this has been a month of non- stop reading.  I have found him curled up everywhere.

His brothers have done a bit of reading here and there and we have a few books we're listening to together.  Want to know what they've been reading?

Here are the books my boys have read this August :

The Youngest Templar book 2 & book 3:  We began listening to book one of this trilogy in the car and Alec was the only one who really took to it.  He ended up listening to all three books on Cd in his room while coloring.  The tale follows the life of a young templar squire during the reign of Richard the Lionheart.

Sam and the Construction Site-- a cute picture book about construction trucks

The Candy Shop War Arcade Catastrophe-- Alec just had to read the next book in the Candy Shop War

13 Story Tree House- written in a style similar to The Diary of a Wimpy Kid book my boys enjoyed these books that were light and fun and supplemented with lots of silly illustrations.

Attack of the Goblin Army-- The first full chapter book that Evan has ever read completely on his own!  He as so motivated because he just loves playing Terraria.

Wolves of the Beyond; Shadow Wolf , Watch Wolf, and Frost Wolf-- Alec has been devouring this series of books based on the world of the Guardians of Ga' Hoole.

Secret Zoo The Final Fight-- Alec read the first four books in this series years ago and has been asking every few months if they ever came out with another book.  Insisting that the series could not be over; so he was beyond thrilled when book 5 came out on Kindle.

The Secret Zoo: The Final Fight by [Chick, Bryan]

The Losers Club-- When Alec, a 6th grader, who loves to read decided to start his own club at school... that's all it took for my 6th grader, Alec, and bookworm to fall in love with this book (that he read in one morning!).

Watership Down-- I remember reading this book in high school and thought Alec would enjoy it.  He has really liked the personification of the bunnies and learning all about life in the warren.

Measle and the Wrathmonk, Measle and the Dragodon, Measle and the Mallockee

Smile-- A fun graphic novel about a girl who accidentally knocks out her front teeth and has to have braces, surgery and the like all while surviving middle school.

The Babysitter's Club Graphic Novel book 1-- I was surprised when Alec asked me to request this for him and yet he just loved this graphic novel!

Trials of Apollo Book 2-- We are all listening to the exciting next book in the series on Cd.  We love the appearance of Leo, Calypso and the famed dragon Festus.

SeaBorne; The Lost Prince-- Alec wanted to re-read this book before diving into book 2.

The 26 Story Tree House- Since the boys enjoyed the first book so much they decided to read the next book in the series too.

Mrs. Master is a Disaster-- We have read ALL the Weird School books, the Weirder School books and so, as they have been coming out, we've been reading all the Weirdest School books too.

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  1. It makes me so happy to see kids reading, especially boys!!

    1. I wish the other two read nearly as much as my middle son but I figure at least they do in fact read.

  2. Looks like some great choices for young boys!


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