What My Boys Are Reading In July

My boys are hard at work continuing with their summer reading.  They have been picking some great ones to enjoy this month.  I can tell my boys are growing up; most every book on our list is a chapter book!  They seem to have lost interest in picture books when picking books for their own enjoyment.

Welcome to Wonderland; Beach Party Surf Monkey

The Zombie Zone

The Lucky Snow Leopard

Unlikely Loves

Animal Mash- Ups

The Puppy Place; Mocha

The Last Dragon

Giant Earthmovers

The Candy Shop War

Evan and I finally finished reading Harry Potter and the Scorer's Stone Illustrated Edition

Wolves of the Beyond-- Lone Wolf

Gregor the Overlander

Attack of the Goblin Army

We finished reading Trust No One and started Day of Doom; the last of the Cahills Vs. Vespers book.

We started listening to The  Youngest Templar; Keeper of the Grail


  1. Thank you for sharing this awesome list! It is good to know books that boys will enjoy. The Last Dragon looks like a good one. I will have to see if they have that at the library next time my sons and I go.

  2. That is an impressive book list! I have young readers, but there are so many books I can't wait for them to get to!

    1. I find that no matter what ages and stages my boys are in there are just more books I'd love to read with them than we seem to have time for!

  3. Oh wow, that giant earthmovers book is definitely going to appeal to a bunch of kids I know!!

    1. It is really neat and full of so much information.


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