5 Scholarships for Homeschooled Children

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5 Scholarships for Homeschooled Children

Homeschooled children deserve college scholarships, as well. With more than 2 million children being homeschooled in the U.S. according to College Scholarships, it is very important that these students receive a fair shot at free money to go to the colleges they choose.

The good news is that there are scholarships available to them.

Guidance counselors at the high schools in the school district may be able to provide guidance to you and your child on scholarships that are offered by schools of interest or other entities.

Five of those scholarships are described below.

  • Apologia National Scholarship for Christian Service

Apologica Educational Ministries Mission is the nonprofit that funds this scholarship. It awards $2,000 to homeschooled students that have engaged in Christian service and wish to join the one-year Impact360 gap year program. The student receives 18 college credits for attending the Christian program. The program places an emphasis on leadership potential and academic achievement.

  • Hope Scholarship Program for Home-Schooled Students

The Hope Scholarship Program for Home-Schooled Students is for Georgia residents and is one of the more generous homeschool scholarships at $3,000. It also provides a $150 book allowance every semester. The homeschooled student must be enrolled at a private or public university in Georgia and have a minimum GPA of 3.0 during his or her freshman year to be eligible for this scholarship.

  • Intel Science Talent Search

The Intel Science Talent Search Scholarship awards a maximum amount of $100,000 to its scholarship winners. The student must have been a graduating homeschool or high school senior and U.S. citizen who has enrolled in at least 12 credit hours of a two- or four-year undergraduate course at a college or university. The student’s high school GPA must be at last 2.5, and the student should have taken the ACT or SAT. Students can begin submitting applications in May of each year.

  • Walmart

Walmart has a scholarship that is open to employees and their dependents. If you’ve been employed with Walmart for at least six months, you can inquire with your store’s management about what steps to take to apply for the scholarship for your child or visit the Walmart Foundation website. A homeschooled child or high school student who has graduated or obtained a GED is eligible for this scholarship. Financial need must be demonstrated, as the scholarship is only awarded to those truly in need of financial assistance with college.

  • Home Education Recognition Organization

HERO is unique in that it sponsors three scholarships. The first is the Mason Lighthouse Scholarship that is awarded to service-minded students who have contributed to their community or church in some way. The second is the Craig Dickinson Memorial Scholarship, given to a homeschool student who has done well academically. The third is the State of the Arts Scholarship for students who wish to major in visual or performing arts. All scholarships award $1,000, and students must submit a DVD, CD, or portfolio to be considered.

These are simply examples of some of the scholarships that are out there for homeschooled children. There are many, like the Hope Scholarship Program mentioned above, that are limited to the states in which the students reside. Most, if not all, states have nonprofit organizations or corporations that offer scholarships to homeschooled students. As mentioned before, you may be able to have a meeting with a guidance counselor within the school district your homeschooled child is registered in to determine what scholarship options are available and how to apply. Even a small amount of scholarship money can be well worth the effort toward reducing the amount of college debt that your child incurs.

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