Our 4th Grade Curriculum

It boggles my mind that my YOUNGEST is going to be in 4th grade this year.  He is now older than my oldest was when I pulled them out of school.  That to me is just amazing!

He has struggled to gain skills in reading, spelling and writing, but has shown tremendous progress this past school year.  Math, however, just seems to click and he happily goes through spurts where he'll even work on extra pages.

I am so proud of him and of how hard he works.

We worked together to pick out his books and materials for the coming year.

Math:  Evan will continue working on his multiplication facts, he'll be taking math minutes, filling out the grids in Multiplication Games and applying facts as often as we can to real life.  He's excited to go back to the Marvel Heroes Math Made Easy.  Evan has enjoyed these series of books the past few years and just loves the addition of the Marvel superheroes.

Spelling:  Evan has been doing real well with the Evan- Moor Building Spelling Skills book and will go onto grade 2 (and since we're finishing up the grade 1 book very soon) we'll start grade 2 over the summer and will most likely be ending with grade 3 by next summer.

Reading:  We'll continue reading books, magazines, and graphic novels together; letting him choose WHAT to read each day.  He has started the first Harry Potter book and while it was quite a challenge for him I'd like to encourage him to keep working his way through the series. We're also working our way trough the Dragon Masters series and The Weird School books as well as sprinkling in fun picture books every now and then.

English/ Grammar:  This will be a new subject for Evan this year but since he has finished up his word family book I thought this might be a nice quick, and easy addition to our days for a couple of days a week reviewing things like noun, pronoun, other parts of speech.  We'll be using English Grade 4. 

Writing:  Evan will continue to do a variety of writing projects using his journal, the Draw Write Now books, his cursive workbook. and whatever else interests him.

Geography:  We're finishing up our Africa unit soon and have been talking about turning back to the 50 states for geography this year.  We're hoping to "visit" all 50 states through the use of books, recipes, and craft projects and the use of the Thinking Tree United States Journal. 

Science:  We'll continue to play games, use our snap circuits and building kits, as well as partake in science experiments.  We're planning to use Evan's oldest brother's 8th Grade Science by the Grade book to guide us in our experiments.  But at this age Evan is free to join us or do his own thing.  He often reads Ranger Rick magazines, goes for lots of nature hikes in the woods, and loves reading about various animals so I don't worry much about formal science education.


  1. good list of curriculum for your youngster

    1. Thanks! I am excited to slowly introduce each subject.


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