Weekly Wrap- Up: The Week it Felt Like Spring In New England!

We had such beautiful weather here this week!  It was sunny and in the upper 50's/ low 60's all week.  This meant a lot of snow melting, lots of time spent outside, and the definite clawing of spring fever.  Alec has continued to bake up a storm; making lots of cupcakes for us all.

Friday we got a late start on our schoolwork Friday since all the boys had been up late on Thursday night.  We started by watching a few more episodes of Cupcake Wars and Alec told me he REALLY wanted to make some more cupcakes; Cookies and Cream flavored this time.  We sat at the table looking up recipes and writing up a shopping list while Ian made waffles for everyone for breakfast.  While eating breakfast the boys listened as I read aloud two chapters in A King's Ransom.  The boys then took their Friday spelling tests and their math minutes.  Each of the boys worked on either 2 pages math or on Khan Academy.  Alec read The Five Kingdoms Rogue Night.  Evan read a few more pages in Batman's Guide to Being Cool. Ian read Making Tracks. All three boys did some writing too.  I had writing prompts but I told them they could have a free write too if they'd rather.  Evan chose to write about 5 things most people don't know about him.  Alec wrote about describing his day in the life as a penguin and Ian wrote about the one thing he'd like to change about himself. With schoolwork done we ran to do errands and bout the supplies we needed to make cupcakes.  Alec dove in and started making cupcakes just after lunch.  Ian and Evan went outside to start making a snow tunnel/ fort.

Alec had a friend sleeping over Saturday and since Friday's cupcake recipe only made 9 he ended up throwing together yet another recipe!  He made some vanilla cupcakes with Oreo chunks baked right into the batter and used the leftover Oreo frosting to decorate them.  Evan and Ian continued working on the fort. They made the tunnel with a lookout opening on top and worked until the cold and wind got to them and then Ian brought in some sand to play with his trucks in the basement.  After lunch Ian headed off with his father to start making his toy sized screening plant... which is now 6 feet long and about 2 feet high!

Look at those chunks of Oreo! yum!

Ian lying across the top of the fort helping to open the lookout hole

You can just see Evan's feet sticking out the bottom hole and the wind wall
they built to block out the wind from entering the tunnel.

Ian's job site got moved indoors for a day

The completed vanilla Oreo cupcakes

Sunday the boys spent a lot of time playing video games.  The sun was shining and it was close to 60 here in New England so we did spend an hour working in the woods. The boys discovered that their entire tunnel melted and caved in! When we got home Alec worked out with his father lifting weights.  Evan asked to finish reading his Ninjago Spy vs Spy book with me and we played a round of Harry Potter Scene it 2.

Long jump contest in the snow.

Their snowball face on the tree.

We had a whole day of schoolwork planned for Monday and ended up setting most of it aside to head out to a park for the day with my sister and nephews.  The boys did work on spelling, math, and reading though.  Alec and Ian had worked on another page in their English and Grammar book while Evan worked on two pages in his word family book.  We started a new read aloud; we're re- reading the book The Candymakers.  A second book came out and we could not remember that many details in the story to start book two.  We had a great, relaxing afternoon playing by the water, throwing snowballs, and just talking and walking around.  Once home the younger boys asked to play Harry Potter Scene it with me while Ian spent the rest of his afternoon outside digging in the dirt.

Throwing snow in the brook

Throwing snow and stones at the ice and open water

Ian found some sand to dig in; he was happy as a clam!
Tuesday the boys amazed me by zipping right through their work.  They were all just about finished by the time we left for karate.  All three boys worked on one page in spelling and cursive and two pages in math (even Alec chose a book over Khan Academy today).  Ian read a few more pages in Making Tracks.  Alec read another few chapters in The Five Kingdoms Rogue Night.  Evan read The Bear Ate Your Sandwich and What To Do With a Box.  Ian watched the movie Bridge of Spies and filled out a page in his Film Study Journal.  We talked about the cold war, Berlin and the wall, other movies we've watched on atomic bombs, and the time in history that the movie occurred.  During lunch we read a few chapters in The Kings Ransom and read the book War Game.  Then we headed outside for some fresh air.  Ian showed me the fort he's been working on in our woods then Alec and I wandered around checking out the various snow levels in the woods and field and comparing it to how high the snow as just a few days ago.

Wednesday was a great day!  All the boys slept in and started watching Atlantis The Lost Empire before and during breakfast.  They quickly started in on their schoolwork when the movie was done.  They each worked on a page in spelling and two pages in their Multiplication Games journal and took a math minute.  Alec read The Five Kingdoms Rogue Night, Evan read a chapter in Saving the Sun Dragon and Ian read aloud a chapter from The Candymakers to us all.  Alec and Ian worked on a writing page while Evan worked on two pages in his word family book.  All three boys pitched in and we cleaned the entire upstairs.  Alec and I made marbled mint cupcakes and we all settled down to lunch,  I read aloud a chapter in The King's Ransom and read the book Getting to Know the U. S. Presidents Woodrow Wilson.  It was warm and sunny out so we spent quite a bit of time outside.  Ian started building a second fort using all of his tools while the younger boys and I looked for tracks in the snow.  Evan started reading the first chapter in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to me; the small writing was hard for him to read and many of the words were hard to sound out so we took turns with him reading one page and then I'd take over and read the second page.  I was stunned that he wanted to do this!

Atlantis - The Lost Empire




Evan found a frozen spider web!

Ian's second fort

We were supposed to head out hiking Thursday afternoon so the boys worked hard all morning to get their schoolwork done and help me clean the whole downstairs.  They each worked on two pages in math, took a math minute test, did another page in their spelling books and read.  Alec read a few more chapters in The Five Kingdoms Rogue Night, Ian read a few chapters in The Quicksand Question and Evan read Memoirs of a Hamster.  Alec and Ian had a free write while Evan worked on two more pages in his word family book.  Together we read another chapter in The King's Ransom and The Candymakers.  We also finished up our World War I unit looking through the Eyewitness book World War I.  While I read the boys used different window markers to draw on our windows. Our hike was canceled and so we headed out for a few quick errands and then spent the rest of the day outside.  Ian worked on his fort and the two younger boys played, rode bikes, and enjoyed all the warm weather. After dinner Evan went to the woodworking shop to work on his shelf.


  1. Love the pics of the tracks in the snow! I've also got a hankering for something Minty now! Found you over at Homeschool Coffee Break :)

    1. I'm so glad I snapped those pictures when I did, the snow is all gone now!

  2. I love all the details. It really helps understand how a homeschooling day (and week) looks for you which is encouraging for new homescholers! I hope you have a great week!

  3. You are such an awesome homeschool mom! I love all of the activities. The cupcakes look delicious.
    Blessings, Dawn

  4. Loving the photos. The tracks in the snow are so neat, how amazing to find things like that, as well as the frozen spiderweb. :)

  5. all those cupcakes...wow...are you eating them all???

    1. Unfortunately-- yes! We are trying desperately to increase our exercise though.

  6. Oh my, the cupcakes all look delicious! And how cool about seeing the tracks. Thanks for linking up at Homeschool Highlights!

    1. Those chocolate Oreo ones were dangerously good!


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