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When I was contacted by Oriental Trading to check out some of their educational products I jumped at the chance for us to try some new games.

We're in the middle of a gameschooling challenge and we LOVE to play games for school.  I was so surprised by all of the educational products that Oriental Trading had to offer!  Their educational page is so easy to navigate too.   I found so many great products.

Some of their products are ones that we already have and love!

Like this awesome Melissa and Dough USA Sound Puzzle that calls out the names of the states and their capitals as you put the pieces into place.

Or  these Q-Ba maze blocks.

Or even these  Color Counts series of books.  Oriental Trading has such a huge selection of products that we found many games that we just knew would make a wonderful addition to our homeschool.

We just could not wait to try our new games!

The day our order came in my boys dove into the box and we have played the Melissa and Doug Flip to Win Hangman game many, many times!  My younger two have even brought the game into the car to play and since everything but the dry erase marker is completely attached to the board we don't have to worry about any missing pieces!  Constructed from sturdy wood we know we'll be able to use this for many years.

My older boys begged to start our day with the State Capital Matching Game.  It was such a fun way to practice learning the states and capitals.  These large, sturdy cards are perfect for a giant memory game.  The cards either have the name of the state and the state flag or the name of the capital and a picture of the state so we're learning more than just the state name and capital.  With bright beautiful illustrations we just can't wait to play again.

We had a great time playing the Melissa and Doug Suspend Game  too.  We've already made up a few "family rules" and I've heard a lot of talk about the next time we play.

Knowing that my boys are not usually interested in history or learning about the presidents I knew we'd learn a lot playing Presidential Bingo!  While this game could easily accommodate 16 students we had a great time playing with just the four of us.  Each of the president cards had a neat little fact written about the president as well as a photo and the years they were in office.  It was a lot of fun and I find that I can never go wrong with a Bingo game.

We tried out the Edupress Sight Words Splat game  I had only planned to play this game with Evan since my older boys are well beyond needing to practice any sight words but they wanted to play and we ended up playing three rounds; trying out each of the three sets of cards that comes in package.  To my surprise Evan didn't need much practice with these sight words either but it was a really fun game and I'm sure we'll be playing again anyway.  Knowing how this game works I'd love to try out some of the other Splat games too; like this wonderful subtraction game.

Our final game of the day was the Learning Resources game Tri- FACTa.  While I thought we'd enjoy the addition and subtraction version too, we ended up trying out the multiplication and division version.

A fun way to practice our math facts we take turns trying to make a fact using the number tiles in our hands.  Sometimes we were able to play three cards while other times we might have only been able to play one or two.

This fact shows that 2x2 = 4 & 4 divided by 2 equals 2
It was fun but playing by the rules led to a really quick game; next time I think we'd try to play using all the tiles and then the first one to go out would win.

We had such a wonderful and full day of learning all thanks to Oriental Trading and I now have a few more games to add to my wishlist.  I love when I can combine learning with fun, quality games!

*This is a sponsored post but all thoughts and reviews are of my own opinion*

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  1. I'm so glad you were given this opportunity, too! It looks like you found some really great products to check out, too!


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