15 Painless, Low-Prep Ways to Accomplish Homeschool Art

Many homeschooling parents are afraid to teach art, claiming that they are not creative and don’t have artistic ability of their own. So they avoid art altogether in favor of more accessible subjects like science and math. Adding art to any homeschooling day doesn’t need to be intimidating —even if you aren't artistic yourself. Plunge in alongside your kids and learn with them, using these fifteen simple ways to add art to any homeschool day.
You may worry that some of these techniques are sporadic or too random to be effective. But don't stress about following any kind of scope and sequence for art, especially at first. When you are first starting out, you need to boost your confidence in art by doing what's low-risk and fun. Then branch out as you gain skill and become intrigued by different facets of art.

15 Painless, Low-Prep Ways to Accomplish Homeschool Art


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