Weekly Wrap- Up; The Week We Decorated for Christmas

I decided to try writing my weekly wrap- up in a slightly different format this week.  Let me know what you think!  We had a fun week and we spent much of our week focused on Christmas.

On Friday we spent the day decorating our house.  The boys begged me to bring out their mini trees and all of the holiday decorations the day after Thanksgiving since this has become our tradition.  They were all so excited to help this year!  We invited my mother- in- law over for dinner to have some Leftover Pie (recipe here) and help/ watch us decorate our tree.

Saturday, Alec and I headed off to a craft fair.  We had some family that were participating in the craft fair and we wanted to show our support for their hard work.  All three boys spent lots of time outside.  Ian was riding his four wheeler for a bit and all three boys worked on their forts too.  We headed out after an early dinner to visit La Salette Shrine and see all the Christmas lights.  They have 300,00 lights set up over 10 acres!

Sunday we spent a nice, quiet day at home.  Ian and I helped my husband hang the doors on the shed.  It was pretty cold out so we got a fire going and watched Independence Day: Resurgence.

Monday we started back to school and I was so thankful to get back to our routine.  The boys worked in their spelling and math books.  Evan started a new section in his word family book and all three boys worked on their 30 Days of Thankful writing.  Ian put together his latest EEME kit.  We finished up Into the Gauntlet together.  All three boys did some reading and we wrote up a list of Christmas crafts and Christmas recipes we want to make over the next month.  We headed out to do some errands-- Ian had a deposit to make at the bank, we had books to drop off and pick up at the library, and we mailed some Christmas gifts to relatives that we won't see for the holidays.  Ian and I played The Scrambled States of America game.

Tuesday we headed to the Ecotarium to meet up with five other families for a fun day of hands on learning.  My  kids did spend the morning doing some spelling, math, and finished up their 30 days of thankful writing.  All three boys did a bit of reading too.  Evan read Fly Guy's Ninja Christmas to me and did a great job!  We started listening to the Trials of Apollo and were so excited to find out that this books starts 6 months after The Blood of Olympus that we just finished listening to.

On Wednesday, we started school a bit later because Alec went to breakfast with his grandmother.  Once he was home all three boys settled down to work.  They each worked in their spelling and math books.  The older two boys worked on a page in their grammar books learning about when and where to use commas.  Evan worked on two more pages in his word family book.   Alec read an entire National Geographic Kids magazine.  Evan read Penguins to himself and told me all about it when he was done.  Ian finished up the Missing Mummy.  We started our revolutionary war unit and read George Vs George; looking at both sides of the argument.  Alec read The Christmas Boot to us all and then we decorated a gingerbread train.

Thursday we went for a walk in the woods.  After several days of rain it was so nice to see some sun!  The boys worked in their cursive, spelling and math books.  Alec read another entire National Geographic for Kids magazine.  Evan read Bear Stays Up for Christmas.  Ian started reading The Ninth Nugget.  We read Merry Christmas, Amelia Bedelia and started reading The Legend of Holly Claus.  Ian put together another EEME kit and we're finally caught up on those.   The boys and I cleaned out all the bookcases and set a huge pile aside to donate to our library.  We ended our day with a fun painted ornament craft.  The boys spent the night playing ping pong with their dad.  Ian learned to play cribbage too.


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