Attending Our Science Fair

The day FINALLY arrived and we got all ready for our science fair.

The boys could not wait to set up and check out all the other exhibits from the other local homeschoolers that were participating.

We set up our displays and wandered around, visiting other tables and learning about such diverse topics as horses, Servals, Platypuses, Minecraft mods and ice cream.

Evan made little chocolate parrots to go with his board and brought along some coloring pages

Ian was able to demonstrate how his solar powered crane worked (though
we had to use batteries inside)

Ian's snack was also a craft project.  They were to decorate their own cupcakes
to look like the sun.  

Alec brought along some regular and golden Oreos for "Ocelot spot" snacks and printed
out a few Minecraft Ocelot coloring pages.
Learning about Meerkats while gobbling up gummy worms.

Servals with Swedish fish

This horse project showed the anatomy of a horse, offered some hay bale snacks, and a fun game of

Minecraft display complete with Minecraft rice krispie treats and paper blocks

Of course all the kids enjoyed actually playing the Minecraft Adventure Mod!

One group studied the science of ice cream and had homemade ice cream to try!

We learned about the Platypus while eating more gummy worms. 

Learning about light pollution, noise pollution, air pollution and water pollution.  Evan and I just loved
these pumpkin spiced tortilla chips!  Who knew they would be just the perfect blend of sweet and salty?!

One boys studied biology and looked at plant versus animal cells 

His edible cell model (that each child could create!) was a hit. 

One little girl studied on static electricity 

And all the kids had fun playing with the balloons!

Trying to make the soda can move using static electricity.  
 When everyone had wandered around and studied everything they wanted we had just enough time to play a few rounds of periodic table Bingo.

It was a fun afternoon!


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