Pins I know I'll Never use

Today I'm linking up with Spiel the Beans to talk about those things we pin that we know we'll never use.

I knew I couldn't be the only one who Pins things on Pinterest I know I'll never use!  Don't get me wrong most of what I Pin I do think I may use someday.  I pin tons of crafting ideas, school things, and food recipes but more often than not I just don't get around to trying them all out.  That's OK because my intent to use them is there!  (If you'd like to follow me or my boards you can click here)

However, there are other things I pin that I know I'll never use!  EVER!!

Sometimes the pins are crafting or teaching ideas and I know I'll never find the energy or the time to put them together.  Like this beautiful pumpkin flower arrangement.... (I hate the smell of cutting open a pumpkin and I never have fresh flowers around).
DIY Pumpkin Flower Arrangements:
Click here for tutorial 

Sometimes the pins are recipe ideas where I am the only one in the house that would really enjoy eating it; so I would never take the time to put the recipe together.  Like this butternut squash recipe with feta cheese and cranberries... even my husband would not try this one.

Honey Roasted Butternut Squash with Cranberries and Feta :: so easy + delicious you have to try it!:
Click here for recipe 

And then I have whole entire categories of pins that I know I'll never use.

I have a whole category I call WOW; things that I will NEVER EVER make but just felt I had to store to look at and drool over.... like this picture of the sea turtle made out of Jelly Belly jellybeans!

Hawksbill Sea Turtle by Kristen Cumings, 2013. Dimensions: 4 x 5 foot. A dazzling tribute to the majestic Hawksbill Sea Turtle. Found in tropical waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, this depiction finds the critically endangered turtle in a sea of Blueberry Jelly Belly beans.:
Check out the rest of the Jelly Belly art gallery here

My Picture Prompts category is so much fun but I NEVER EVER think to pull it out to use in our actual writing time.  I have books for the boys writing and tons of prompt ideas but I have yet to pull up one single picture and ask them to write a story about what they see.

Do you need to integrate a brain break in your classroom? Smile Break Ideas for your Classroom. Add this image to your smile break PowerPoint.:
Click here for even more adorable photos

I took one glass fusion class with the boys a few years ago and it was so much fun I started an entire board of glass fusion ideas and projects.  I have no tools to do glass fusion and I'm way to frugal to spent money on a class for myself so these ideas will just there looking pretty on my boards.... never to be used.  But oh, they are just so lovely!

found on by CDChilds in Texas.:
Check out this and more beautiful works of art for sale at Etsy

These are just a few of my pins I'll know I'll never use... but I'm sure I'll keep pinning them anyway!

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