Our Day at Canobie Lake Park

We had such a fun day at Canobie Lake Park on Thursday.

We had planned to stay home and get some schoolwork done but my sister asked if we wanted to join her and spend a day at the amusement park so we quickly packed everything away, got dressed and headed outside to wait for her and her boys to show up.

By 10 I realized I had somehow made a mistake... turns out she wanted to meet up to go to Canobie on Friday NOT Thursday!  With Ian's doctor's appointment on Friday we could not meet up with them to go.

We were so bummed buy my boys had been looking so forward to going that I could not disappoint them.... so we headed the park on our own.

We had a great time but it was hot, crowded, and we hit TONS of traffic driving both ways.  On the bright side we got to listen to lots of our Heroes of Olympus book.  We rode all the rides we wanted and cooled off with lots of ice cold beverages and ice cream!

A women we met in the parking lot offered us come coupons and helped us save $20 on admission!

We try to get to Canobie each summer.  It's our favorite amusement park. It's always so clean, the staff is so friendly, it's situated on a pretty lake and usually has a really nice breeze to help keep us cool enough to enjoy the park.

I highly recommend it to everyone; it's the perfect family park!

The rides are fun without being so extreme that only Ian can ride.... It's small enough to easily cover in a day... It's priced just right too!

Waiting in line for Evan's favorite ride 

Waiting to drive the antique cars 

one handed! 

I had to laugh at these serious faces!  

Alec just discovered roller coasters and more extreme rides last year; his favorite is Untamed and he made
me ride it with him.  It was so much fun! 

Some more one handed driving on the race cars 

Evan was thrilled to be tall enough to drive this year!  He tried a few new rides that he's
been waiting for... like the Starblaster! 

It took an awful lot of work to get up on that horse one handed but we always end our day on the carousel 

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  1. Glad you all got to have a good time despite getting the days mixed up!

  2. Hi
    Lovely to meet you. I am following you from Titus Tuesday.
    It sounds like a lovely day and great pictures as keepsakes.

  3. This sounds like so much fun. Generally amusement parks means big crowds and scary rides. But this one seems not too big not too small - just right like Goldilocks :-). Loved the happy pictures. #mg

    1. That's exactly how I feel about it! The size it "just right!"

  4. I love that you still went even though the days were confused, sometimes it's just what the kids need a great day of fun making memories! Thank you so much for linking up with me over at #mg xo

  5. Thank you for sharing this! As a NH native, I grew up visiting this park. You brought back so many memories :)


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