Homeschool Weekly Wrap Up: The Week We Stuck Close to Home

We had a pretty busy week; though it felt nice and restful!  We got together with some friends, made some new friends, went bowling, went swimming, and went biking.  I had a whole day to myself this week and spent the day shopping and going to lunch with my mom; we try to do this once every summer and it's always so much fun.  With all this going on we didn't have a whole lot of time to do "real" schoolwork but we're OK with that.  Summer is usually more about learning through life and experiences than about actual book work; that said we did managed to get some work done.

Science:  Alec read Coral Reef Builders, Coral Reef Survival, Coral Reef Partners, and Explorers: Big Cats.  We've spent lots of time outside and observed herons, butterflies, and ducks; we have one family that keeps visiting us with little babies!  The boys spent a day catching fish and Alec found a fresh water muscle.  We put the muscle in a bucket of lake water and sand to observe it more closely.

See it's feelers sticking out?!
History:  We read The Hindenburg; learning about the history of zeppelins and that disaster that brought them to an end.  We watched Eddie the Eagle learning about the true story of one Olympian who just would not give up.

Reading:  We started reading The Viper's Nest.  We read All You Need For a Beach and Our Great Big Backyard.  Ian read The Wump World and finished up The Castle Crime.  He started reading Operation Orca.  Alec finished up House of RobotsStory Thieves; The Stolen Chapters and Rocket and Groot Stranded on Planet Strip Mall.  Evan finished up Rise of the Earth Dragon and started reading Humphrey's Creepy Crawly Camping Adventure.  He also read Mama; the true story of a baby hippo who lost his mom during a tsunami and finally found his way home.

Art:  We made some spray painted canvases one day.  The boys could not agree on one technique so we tried out a few different ones.

We also made paper bowl jellyfish. They're so cute!  (Though we do keep them inside since they're made from paper and tissue paper).

Math: The boys each worked on a few pages in their math workbooks each day.

Spelling and Language arts:  The boys worked in their Thinking Tree spelling journals this week and all three boys are now working with Minecraft activity books.  They've had a great time working with word searches, crossword puzzles, story problems, and other activities.

Life Skills: Ian mowed the lawn for me one day and we all worked together to clean the house.  They all worked on making breakfast, lunch and dinner a few times this week.

Socialization & physical education: We spent a day at the lake with friends playing and swimming.

The boys and I went bowling together one day.

 We've been playing a lot of card games; the two new favorites are Old Maid and Pitch.  We've done a lot of swimming this week; swimming all around the lake together. We also went on a nice long bike ride together one day; biking around the whole lake.

Ian tried to get up on water skis.

How was your week?

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  1. Reading posts like this makes homeschooling sound like the best way to educate! #TwinklyTuesday

  2. Love your jellyfish craft! Those are awesome! I'm so glad you had a nice restful week.

  3. Ooo what a fab week! I totally agree with Kat Candyfloss – every time I read either yours or Erin’s posts, I always think homeschooling looks like the best option ever. If only it was feasible in our little life! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


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