Weekly Wrap- Up: The Week We Went to the Amusement Park

We had a great week filled with lots of summer fun!  We went to an amusement park, a water park, and even the beach!  We also squeezed in some schoolwork and some more summer art projects.  It may sound a bit busy but it seemed so nice and relaxing.

Reading:  Ian finished up White House White Out and read Sleepy Hallow Sleepover.  Alec started reading Secrets According to Humphrey, read a few more chapters in Confronting the Dragon and began reading Story Thieves The Stolen Chapters.  Evan read a few more chapters in Miss Daisy is Crazy.  We started reading In Too Deep.  We finished up The Silver Chair and started re- listening to The Lost Hero at the boys' request.

Math:  Evan worked on two more pages in his Dollars and Cents book each day while Alec continued plugging away at his Batman 5th grade math book.  Ian worked on a few more pages in his 6th grade math review book and it's such a relief to see all that he has retained!  The boys also worked on two more pages in their Multiplication games books and the older two boys completed two more pages in their Math Genius books.

Spelling/ Language Arts: All three boys completed two more pages in their Thinking Tree Spelling workbooks.  All three boys filled out some cute father's day questionnaires answering questions about their father and grandfathers.

Science: We read The Boy Who Drew Birds; A Story of John James Audubon, The Long, Long Journey and Hector and the Hummingbird.  Alec, Evan and I spent a morning watching all the birds at Alec's feeder.  We saw male and female cardinals, two gold finches, a cow bird, and a couple of birds we have not yet identified.

Ian and I watched this bee one afternoon; it never flew!  Just walked and hopped all around our yard.

We watched (and participated) in a wacky science show at Quassy Amusement park's annual homeschooling day.

We went strawberry picking and looked up all sorts of new strawberry recipes to try (but we ate all the strawberries before we tried any!)

We spent a day at the beach observing ties, watching the geese, and digging in the sand for treasures.

Socialization:  We spent a day at the beach with my sister and nephews.  The boys made friends with some other kids that were there and spent the day playing in the water, building in the sand, and hosting jumping contests.

We took a family fun day and joined a bunch of other homeschooling families at Quassy Amusement park's annual homeschool day.  We had a great time riding the rides, playing arcade games, and eating the lunch that was included with our admission with all the other homeschooling families in the park.

We met up with some homeschooling friends at a small little water park and had a fun day sliding down all the water slides and playing in the lake.

Art:  We played around with Spray Paint resits one day.

We made water bottle spirals another day. Here is a quick tutorial on making these.

The boys pulled out their Stained Glass Made Easy kits and worked on some new stained glass pictures for our windows.  

Life Skills:  Ian mowed lawns and helped his father get the boat ready to go into the lake.  It's a very old boat and always needs quite a bit of work as well as a lot of cleaning before it's ready for summer.  The boys each took a night to cook dinner; we had simple meals this week because my husband has been gone for work.  Evan made tacos for us all,  Alec made cinnamon swirl french toast with fresh strawberries and sausage (Ian was supposed to make BLT grinders on Thursday but we ended up heading out to dinner with our friends after a long day at the water park). We've been working together to clean the house and do all the laundry.


  1. Wow! You guys were busy this week :-) I'm going to have to show my daughter your water bottle spiral post because I think she's going to want to try that one!

    1. It was so simple and just adorable; wish we had thought to save more water bottles so we could have made a few of them.

  2. What a fantastic week. I love the art projects. They came out great.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. The amusement park has a Homeschool Day?! That's awesome. What fun!

    1. Isn't that awesome?! Our very first official homeschooling field trip was to this same amusement park 4 years ago for their homeschool day. I was stunned at the amount of people that were there for our homeschooling lunch.


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