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We love bubbles.  Most kids do.  There's just something so magical about bubbles.  When we first started homeschooling it was summertime and I knew that in order for me to be able to teach my boys at home we had to keep things fun and engaging.  I decided bubbles were just perfect that!

We read books about bubbles:

1.  Bubbles Float, Bubbles Pop

2. Pop! A book about Bubbles

3. Bubble Trouble

4. How to Make Bubbles

5.The Ultimate Bubble Book 

6. Benny's Big Bubble

7. Bubble Bubble

8. Soap Bubble Magic 

9. Bubble Trouble

10. The Unbelievable Bubble Book 

We played around with different kinds of bubbles & different bubble solution recipes.

1.  We made snake bubbles; using old water bottles, cut the end off and secure a sock over the cut end using an elastic band.  Dip the sock in the bubble solution and start blowing bubbles.


2.  Using pipe cleaners we made our own bubble wands and experimented with all different shapes and sizes.

3.  We tried mixing up different bubble recipes and comparing the results of the bubbles. (Look up bubble recipe on Pinterest and you'll find tons of results!).  Some recipes we doubled or halved and ended up adding all sorts of math to our unit. 

We made bubble art.

1. We added food coloring to the end of our socks and made colored snake bubbles.  We even put paper under the colored snake bubbles and made bubble art.

If it had something to do with bubbles we probably did it!  It was a fun unit and showed us how we can turn anything into a fun homeschooling lesson.

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  1. That looks like so much fun! It's interesting how many different ways you were able to make and use bubbles. I'm sure your boys had a blast! Thanks for linking with #LMMLinkup!

    1. They really did enjoy it so much. Funny how fascinating bubbles continue to be to us all.

  2. Great to do in the summertime :)

    1. Thanks! There is just something magical about bubbles..


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