Weekly Wrap Up: The Week we Saved the Hummingbird

It was a beautiful, sunny week here.  We tried to spend lots of time outdoors basking in the perfect weather.  It was such a nice relief after a solid week of rain.  We still managed to get quite a lot of schooling in and spent some time working on some art projects too.  The highlight of our week was the day we were able to rehabilitate a very weak hummingbird we had found in our garage.

Math: We played a fun math game called Exact Change (which we just LOVE!).  It's all about adding up coins and money and finding matching amounts.  It was a really fun.  The boys also worked in their math workbooks and Ian finished up his last Fraction booklet.  He was so excited to have another packet of workbooks done.  The two older boys completed two more pages in Are You a Math Genius and all three boys worked on two more pages in Multiplication games.

Art:   We made flower pens

We played around with some watercolor pencils and our stencils to make some shape art

We attempted to make some plastic sharpie tie dye art (before we realized the alcohol we were using wasn't strong enough).  The boys liked their bookmarks though so we varnished and finished them up anyway and we'll attempt to make tie dyed ones another time.

Our completed bookmarks weren't very tie dyed. 
Filling it in with color

Made some fun jellyfish scratch art

Geography: We played the Brain Quest States game again this week and Evan won AGAIN!

Cross Curricula: Alec and Evan worked with their activity books; Evan worked in his Minecraft book doing 12 -15 pages.  Alec worked in his Pokemon book completing the entire book! He has asked for the Minecraft book too and I ordered them both book two as well since Evan is already 1/2 way through book 1.  They worked on mazes, word scrambles, word problems, and crossword puzzles. I'm so glad we thought to use these for some fun learning through the summer.  The kids don't think they're doing school at all and they're having so much fun learning.

Reading:  We finished up The Sword Thief and started reading Beyond the Grave.  Evan finished up Humphrey's Puppy Problem.  Alec read more of The Magnificent Twelve; finishing up book one.  He also read Treasure Hunters book 1 (in a day!).  Ian read a few more chapters in Treasure Hunters and we finished up listening to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Science: We brought our cat to the vet and learned even more about cats; their approximate weights, body temperature, how they clean their wounds and why, etc.  Evan and I read At Home with the Gopher Tortoise; a Keystone Species.  Alec read The Secret World of Walter Anderson, The Life Cycle of a Koala, and Monarch and Milkweed. We went on a nature walk enjoying some exercise and fresh air.
This duck was sitting on a nest!

Local sculpture/ art

We ended up rehabilitating a near dead hummingbird we found in our garage. 

We've been watching our caterpillars grow; they've doubled in size in just a week!

Spelling/ Language Arts:  The older boys completed another page in their cursive books while Evan worked on three more pages in his Star Wars Reading book. All of the boys completed two more pages in their spelling books (though I have noticed that no one is really coloring in them anymore!).  I'm wondering if perhaps we should take a break for a bit..

Life Skills: Evan helped replace/change the wheels on the four wheeler.  Ian has been cleaning all the rust off our spiral staircase and learning how to prevent it from coming back.  He also helped me paint our shed to match the house.  All three boys have been cooking a lot too.  Ian made me waffles for Mother's day breakfast all on his own.  He learned how to make American Chop Suey this week and Evan has been making everyone egg sandwiches for breakfast all week.  Ian helped my husband do the grocery shopping this week too; he volunteered to go!

Physical Education:  We spent just about every day this week outside enjoying the nice weather.  Evan and I rode our bikes up and down our road a few times. The boys all went to karate and we spent an afternoon at the park playing with their cousins and some new friends they made. The boys were even brave enough to go in the water.  While it was 70 or so out that water was still freezing cold but they all swam for a good half- hour!


  1. OH how awesome you helped out a hummingbird. I just saw one on our deck minutes ago...lol...nice week and great pictures...Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Thanks for linking with Collage Friday!

  3. That's awesome that you saved a hummingbird.

  4. Going outside everyday is something I know me as a homeschooling mom doesn't do often enough. My kiddos sometimes will go a few days without doing anything outside, partly because they don't want to, or when hubs or I get home from work we don't want to. We have to try harder to add that into our day.

    1. I find it's pretty easy this time of the year when it's sunny and nice but I'm not so great at making us get outside on those gray days or cold winter days but I'm trying to make it more of a habit to get outside at least a little bit whenever we can. I find it make such a difference in how I feel.


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